Shipping a TZ-280 Dewatering Machine to Morocco

On November 16th, Tianzhong Machinery successfully delivered a TZ-280 dewatering machine to Morocco. This machine will be used to process olive pomace.

This dewatering equipment is designed for processing various organic materials, including olive pomace, sawdust, etc. It significantly reduce the moisture content in the pomace, resulting in a lower cost in handling, transportation, and storage of the byproducts. Moreover, the dewatered pomace is more valuable for applications such as animal feed, organic fertilizer, or other uses, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

  • Shipping date: November 16, 2023
  • Location: Morocco
  • Machine: TZ-280 Dewatering Machine
  • Material: Olive pomace
TZ-280 Dewatering Machine to Morocco
TZ-280 Dewatering Machine
Dewatering Machine to Morocco
Shipping Dewatering Machine to Morocco