Slope Screen Separator

Slope screen separator is an ideal solution for large-scale farms and wastewater treatment plants. It is designed for efficiently handling water-soaked manure, water-flushed manure, slaughterhouse wastewater, biogas slurry, and similar materials. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer two models of inclined screen separators for sale, with a processing capacity of over 20 m³/h. Our machines are made entirely from SS304 stainless steel, which provides strong corrosion resistance and ensures a long service life. Furthermore, we provide the flexibility of customizing the screen mesh size to meet specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for further information and detailed specifications. We look forward to assisting you.

Applications of Slope Screen Separator

Pig manure or cow manure (water-soaked manure, water-flushed manure), biogas slurry, slaughterhouse wastewater, winery wastewater, food and beverage processing plants, etc. It is particularly suitable for materials with a high water content of over 90% and low solid content.

Slope Screen Separator Specifications

TZ-800 Slope Screen Separator
TZ-800 Slope Screen Separator
TZ-1200 Sloped Screen Separator
TZ-1200 Sloped Screen Separator
Model TZ-800 TZ-1200
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 2.2kW 2.2kW
Pump Power 3kW 3kW
Dimensions (mm) 2,000*1,000*1,500 2,600*1,200*1,700
Weight 310kg 480kg
Processing Capacity 20-25 m³/h 35-40 m³/h
Screen Size (mm) 800*800 1,200*1,200
Screw Diameter 160mm 160mm
Auger Length 1.5 m 1.5 m
Machine Material SS304 SS304

Remarks: 1. The voltage can be customized according to your requirements.

2. The design and configuration of an inclined screen separator depend on various factors. These factors include the particle size, viscosity, the desired separation efficiency, and the specific requirements of the application. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Clients Around the World

Below are pictures of our slope screen separator shipping to our clients all over the world.

Slope Screen Separator to Switzerland
Slope Screen Separator to Switzerland
Inclined Screen Separator to Korea
Inclined Screen Separator to Korea
Slope Screen Separator to Spain
Slope Screen Separator to Spain

Features of Inclined Screen Separator

The slope screen separator offers several advantages that make it a valuable choice for solid-liquid separation. Here are some key benefits:

1. Simple Design & Great Durability: Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, our separator exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring long service and low maintenance.

2. High Processing Capacity: By combining inclined screen gravity separation and screw press separation technologies, the slope screen separator achieves a high processing capacity. Moreover, it can be used individually or in series.

3. Efficient Drainage: It utilizes wedge-shaped filter technology with small, smooth gaps on the screen surface and larger gaps on the back. This design ensures effective drainage and prevents clogging, enhancing its performance.

4. Self-Cleaning System: Our slope screen separators is equipped with a self-cleaning system. It can prevent clogging and blinding of the screen surface by agitating the material, ensuring continuous operation and resulting in lower maintenance costs.

5. Energy Efficiency: The slope screen separator typically requires less energy consumption. Its design takes advantage of gravity, reducing the need for excessive motions, resulting in energy savings and lowering the operation costs.

6. Compact and space-saving design: These separators are compact in size and the equipment itself requires a small area. This makes them suitable for both small-scale operations and large industrial facilities.

7. Versatility: The slope screen separator finds applications in various industries, including manure processing, wastewater treatment, mining, and more. It is capable of handling a wide range of materials and can be customized with different screen mesh sizes to meet specific requirements.

Working Principle of Slope Screen Separator

The inclined solid-liquid separator consists of the main unit, pump, auger, screw press, control cabinet, motor, and pipeline. The working process can be summarized as follows:

1. Pump the mixture from a storage tank and delivers it to the separator. Untreated wastewater is distributed evenly onto the screen surface through the lower feed inlet.
2. The inclined screen surface acts as the first-level filter, with small and smooth gaps on the surface and larger gaps on the back, allowing smooth drainage while retaining solid particles.
3. The liquid passes through the screen meshes, while the solid particles are retained and gradually move down the screen due to the slope and vibration of the equipment.
4. Solid particles are pushed to the lower end of the screen plate and enter the screw press for secondary squeezing.
5. With the auger’s motion, solids are separated and discharged through the outlet, while the liquid flows out through the overflow outlet.

Screw of Slope Screen Separator
Inclined Screen
Inclined Screen


Slope screen separators are versatile and available in different mesh screens making them ideal for all kinds of applications. With high processing capacity, self-cleaning system, and our stainless steel separation machines are built to last. Whether you need to handle pig manure, biogas slurry, or wastewater, our slope screen separators are versatile and suitable for various industries. Call us to learn more about our specifications and how we can assist you.