Chicken Manure Dewatering Machine

Chicken manure dewatering machine is a reliable and eco-friendly solution to handle poultry waste. It is designed to separate and remove excess water from animal manure. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer a screw press dewatering machine for poultry manure processing. It is widely used in livestock and poultry farms to separate solids from liquid manure, including chicken manure, duck feces, pig manure, and cow dung. To cater to different requirements, our manure dewatering machine is available in different models. Contact us now to learn more about our equipment and solution.

Chicken Manure Dewatering Machine Specifications

TZ-180 Manure Dewater Machine
TZ-180 Model
TZ-200 Manure Handling Machine
TZ-200 Dewatering Machine
TZ-280 Manure Processing Machinery
TZ-280 Dewatering Machine

Tianzhong Machinery offers 3 different models of poultry manure dewatering machines for sale. Below are more parameters for your reference.

Model TZ-180 TZ-200 TZ-280
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Power 4kW 4kW 5.5kW/7.5kW
Dimensions (mm) 2,000*600*1,300 2,200*610*1,350 2,400*800*1,300
Weight 340kg 510kg 680kg
Processing Capacity 8-10 m³/h 10-15 m³/h 20-25 m³/h
Screen Diameter 180mm 200mm 280mm
Screen Mesh Size 0.5mm/0.75mm 0.5mm/0.75mm 0.5mm/0.75mm
Inlet Diameter 76mm 76mm 76mm
Overflow Diameter 76mm 76mm 76mm
Drainage Pipe Diameter 110mm 110mm 110mm
Material Carbon Steel + SS304 Carbon Steel + SS304 Carbon Steel + SS304
Screw+ Screen SS304 SS304 SS304

Remarks: 1. This series of machines are suitable for processing the manure of laying chicken and duck, cow dung, sheep manure, pig manure, etc. However, it is not recommended for broiler chicken or duck manure, bird droppings. While for these materials, you can choose multi-disc screw press.
2. The processing capacity will be different for different materials. It is also influenced by the liquid-solid ratio, viscosity, and other factors. Please talk with us to choose a suitable solution!

Our team is ready to help you find solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Structure of Manure Dewatering Machine

Design of Manure Dewatering Machine
Manure Dewatering Machine Design

The poultry manure processing machine consists of main unit, motor, pump, control cabinet, and piping system. The main unit comprises casing, mesh screen, screw, motor, reducer, counterweight, and discharge system. Among them, the casing is constructed with carbon steel and stainless steel. The screw and screen are made of stainless steel, making the machine suitable for long-term use in poultry farming environments. Additionally, the screen mesh sizes range from 0.25mm to 2.0mm, with the recommended sizes for chicken manure being 0.5mm or 0.75mm. You can choose the screen mesh size according to the material being processed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Applications of Dewatered Chicken Manure

The dewatered chicken manure has various applications, primarily in agriculture and organic farming. Here are some of its common uses:

Dewatered chicken manure is rich in organic matter and essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It can be directly used as a fertilizer for crops, gardens, and lawns, which can improve soil fertility.
Dewatered manure is an excellent ingredient for composting, especially in the production of organic fertilizer. By adding additional composite materials like leaves, straw, or food waste, it provides a valuable source of organic matter and nutrients that help in the decomposition process.
Biogas production
Dewatered manure can be used as a feedstock for biogas production. Through anaerobic digestion, the manure produces methane gas, which is a valuable renewable energy source. Additionally, the other byproduct, called digestate, is a nutrient-rich material that can be used as fertilizer.
Animal bedding/ Feed
Some farmers use dewatered poultry manure as animal bedding material. It provides a comfortable living conditions for livestock, such as cows or pigs. Besides, the dewatered chicken manure is also used as feed for pigs and cattle after being further processed.

Overall, chicken manure dewatering machine is a sustainable solution for recycling waste from poultry farming. Besides, the selling price of dewatered manure is higher than that of the untreated manure, which will bring farmers higher economic benefits. More than that, dewatering the manure helps in reducing its volume, making it easier and more cost-effective to store, transport, and process.

Working Principle of Chicken Manure Dewatering Machine

Our chicken manure dewatering machine is a type of screw press dehydrator. The working principle can be described as follows:
1.Feeding: The chicken manure is fed into the dewatering machine through an inlet or hopper. You can choose manual feeding or automatic feeding with a conveyor.
2.Dewatering and discharging: The screw rotates at a slow speed and pushes the manure towards the discharge end. During the process, the screw squeezes manure against a screen and the water filter out through the screen and is discharged through the drain pipe. While the solid materials continue to move forward and are discharged at the end of the machine. Below is a video for your reference.

Why Invest In A Poultry Manure Dewatering Machine?

Investing in a chicken manure dewatering machine offers a multitude of benefits for both the environment and your business.
1. Economic benefits: Dewatering machines changes waste materials into valuable products. For example, the solid byproduct can be sold as high-quality fertilizer with a higher selling price.
2. Cost Savings: By separating the liquid and solid components of manure, it decreases the volume of waste. This reduction in waste volume can save the cost in storage, transportation and disposal.
3. High efficiency: After dewatering, the water content manure is about 60%. And the dewatered poultry manure becomes fluffy. By spreading them at room temperature for just one day, about 20-50% of the moisture content can be removed. It can shorten the drying time and improve the efficiency. Also, the dewatered manure is easier to be loaded onto trucks or packed into bags.
4. Versatility: Manure dewatering machines can process different types of animal manure, as well as other organic waste. Besides, there are different models to choose from and the processing capacity is up to 25 m3/h. Whether you have a small or a large-scale poultry farms, these machines can accommodate your needs.
5. Environmental benefits: The machine efficiently separates the liquid and solid components of the manure, reducing its volume and odor. This helps prevent harmful gas emissions and water pollution.

Manure Dewatering Machine With Fittings
Manure Dewatering Machine With Fittings
Stainless Steel Screen
Stainless Steel Screen


In conclusion, investing in a chicken manure dewatering machine is a wise choice for poultry farmers seeking an eco-friendly and efficient solution for handling poultry waste. Tianzhong Machinery offers reliable screw press dewatering machines designed to separate liquid and solid from various animal manures, including chicken manure, duck feces, pig manure, and cow dung. Moreover, the machine is also able to process spent grains, paer pulp, biogas slurry, and other materials. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.