Multi-disc Screw Press

A multi-disc screw press is a type of mechanical dewatering equipment used for solid-liquid separation. It is widely used in various industries such as wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, and food processing, especially in sludge dewatering applications. Tianzhong Machinery is a trusted supplier of screw press separation equipment in China. With our cutting-edge technology and rich experience, we will offer reliable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Model TZ-101 TZ-201 TZ-301 TZ-302 TZ-402 TZ-403
Processing Capacity (Dry Solids) 6-12 kg/h 9-20 kg/h 30-60 kg/h 60-120 kg/h 200-400 kg/h 300-580 kg/h
Capacity (Inlet Solid Content 10,000-20,000 mg/L) 0.5-1 m3/h 0.8-1.5 m3/h 2-3 m3/h 5-10 m3/h 12-16 m3/h 15-20 m3/h
Cake Moisture Content 75%-85%
Power Consumption 0.74 kW/h 0.92 kW/h 1.65 kW/h 2.95 kW/h 2.95 kW/h 4.4 kW/h
Polymer Flocculant ~0.8% of DS
Net Weight 296 kg 320 kg 720 kg 1,350 kg 2,350 kg 3,580 kg
Operational Weight 360 kg 400 kg 1,200 kg 2,050 kg 3,650 kg 4,600 kg


A multi-disc screw dehydrator is a versatile equipment used in various industries. Here are some of its applications.

1. Municipal wastewater treatment
2. Industrial wastewater treatment
3. Food and beverage industry
4. Pulp and paper industry
5. Mining and mineral processing
6. Oil and gas industry
7. Biogas and anaerobic digestion
8. Animal Waste, especially broiler chicken manure, bird manure, meat duck manure, etc.

Multi-disk Screw Press
Multi-disk Screw Press

Key Features of Multi-disc Screw Press

1. Efficient solid-liquid separation: Our dewatering screw press effectively separates solid and liquid components, resulting in a drier solid cake with lower moisture content.
2. Automatic control and continuous operation: Under the control of electric control cabinet, the machine can work continuously, with the medicine machine and inlet pump.
3. Self-cleaning system: The machine is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents clogging and ensures smooth operation.
4. Good durability and low maintenance: The discs and screen are made of 304 stainless steel, and other parts are built with carbon steel, offering durability and requiring minimal maintenance.
5. High dewatering efficiency: After dewatering, the water content of solid cakes is about 60%.
6. Low energy consumption: The machine rotates at low speed, about 2~5 rpm, so the power consumption is extremely low.
7. Compact and space-saving design: The press has a compact footprint, making it suitable for installations where space is limited.
8. Versatile applications: The multi disk screw press can be used in various industries and is adaptable to different materials.

Multi Plate Screw Press for Sale
Multi Plate Screw Press for Sale
Inner Structure of Multi Plate Screw Press
Inner Structure

Why Invest in A Multi-disc Screw Press?

Investing in a multi-disc screw press machine from Tianzhong Machinery offers numerous advantages for your business.

Dewatered Solid Cake
The press efficiently separates the solid and liquid components of a slurry or sludge, resulting in solid cake with lower moisture content. The drier solid cake is easier to handle, transport, and dispose of or further process.
Recycled or Treated Liquid
The extracted liquid can be recycled or subjected to further treatment, such as filtration, sedimentation, or chemical treatment.
Reduced Volume and Weight
By efficiently dewatering sludge and reducing its moisture content, the volume and weight of sludge are reduced, leading to lower transportation, storage and disposal costs.
Effective Sludge Management
The press can effectively separate solid and liquid components in sludge. The dewatered solid cake and liquid can be further processed or utilized for purposes such as composting, anaerobic digestion, which can recycle the waste into valuable products and also solve environment problems.
Packaging of Multi Disc Screw Press
Packaging of Multi Disc Screw Press
Multi-plate Dewatering Machine
Multi-plate Dewatering Machine

Structure of Multi Plate Screw Press

The main parts of a multi-disk screw press typically include:

1. Frame: The frame provides the structural support for the entire press.
2. Disks: The press consists of multiple disks stacked together in a vertical arrangement.
3. Screw shaft: The screw shaft is responsible for the movement and transportation of the sludge or slurry through the press.
4. Cylindrical screens: Cylindrical screen is to prevent the passage of solid materials while allowing the liquid to pass through.
5. Motor: A motor provides the power to rotate the screw shaft.
6. Control system: A control system is used to monitor and control various parameters of the press, such as speed, pressure, and dewatering efficiency.

Multi Plates
Multi Plates

Working Process of Multi-disc Screw Press

The working process of a multi-disc screw press involves several steps. Here’s a general overview of the process:

1. Feeding: The sludge or liquid-solid mixture is pumped into the mixing tank and combined with a polymer flocculant agent. The mixture is stirred thoroughly and then is fed into the screw press through an inlet pipe or a feed hopper.

2. Thickening: As the screw shaft rotates, the sludge or mixture is conveyed towards the discharge end. Through the pressing action of the screw and the force of gravity, some liquid is filtered out through the screen.

3. Dewatering and Discharging: The thickened sludge continues to move forward with the rotation of the screw shaft. As the screw pitch gradually decreases, the water in the sludge is squeezed out and discharged through the drain pipe. Simultaneously, driven by the continuous rotation of the screw shaft, the solid cake is ultimately pushed out from the discharge end of the press.

4. Self-cleaning: When the screw shaft rotates and pushes the sludge forward, it also drives the swimming ring to clean the screen. This self-cleaning mechanism helps prevent clogging and ensures uninterrupted operation of the screw press.

By following these steps, the multi-disc screw press efficiently separates the liquid and solid components of the sludge. This makes the sludge easier to handle, transport, and dispose of.

Working Process of Multi-disc Screw Press
Working Process of Multi-disc Screw Press


At Tianzhong Machinery, our machines are made with carbon steel and stainless steel, ensuring long-term reliability and low maintenance. Moreover, we understand that each industry has unique requirements. Our team works closely with you to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. As your trusted partner, we also offer comprehensive technical support, including installation guidance, training, and accessory supplies. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and try our top-quality equipment.