Solid Liquid Separator

Solid liquid separator is a versatile machine designed to separate liquid and solid components. It is widely used in industries such as wastewater treatment, manure processing, agriculture, food processing, paper pulp, and more. At Tianzhong Machinery, we have different types and models of liquid-solid separation equipment for sale to meet the unique needs of our customers. As a one-stop solution provider, we also offer various accessory equipment, such as conveyors, shredders, etc. Whether you need to process animal manure, sludge waters, paper pulp, fruit and vegetables, food waste, agricultural waste, etc., just contact us for ideal dewatering solutions.

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Solid Liquid Separator for Waste Vegatables
Solid Liquid Separator for Waste Vegatables
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Applications of Liquid Solid Separator

Solid-liquid separator is widely used in various industries and applications to separate solid from liquid materials. Here are some of its common applications:

Livestock Farming
Solid-liquid separators are extensively used in livestock farming to process animal waste and manure. They play a crucial role in the management of livestock waste by separating solids from liquid effluent. This process helps in reducing the volume of waste and controlling odor. Moreover, the dewatered manure can be used as fertilizer.
Wastewater Treatment
Solid-liquid separator is an important part in wastewater treatment. By separating the solids from the liquids, it can make the further treatment process more effective. This equipment can be used to process winery wastewater, slaughterhouse wastewater, sludge, and other effluents.
Food Processing & Brewing Industry:
Solid-liquid separators find application in the food processing industry and brewing industry for separating or dewatering of solids from liquids. They are used in fruit and vegetable juice production, starch extraction, fine coconut, dewatering spent grains, sauce residues, and many other applications.
Biogas Slurry
Solid-liquid separators are utilized in biogas production plants to separate solid organic materials, such as crop residues, manure or biogas slurry, from the liquid mixture. This separation process helps optimize anaerobic digestion, improves biogas production efficiency, and the dewatered solids can be used as fertilizer.
Pulp and Paper Industry
In the pulp and paper industry, solid-liquid separation equipment is employed to separate pulp fibers from process water. This process is helpful in the recycling and reuse of water, and improve the overall process efficiency.
Sludge Treatment
Solid-liquid separatoris a critical step in sludge treatment, as it reduces the volume and weight of sludge, making it easier and more cost-effective to handle, transport, and dispose of. While the separated water will undergo further treatment before being discharged, which helps reduce the pollution risk.
Agricultural Waste
Liquid solid separators are utilized for separating solid and liquid from various agricultural waste materials, including crop residues, straw, grass, and more. The dewatered solids can be used as fertilizers or further treated. Besides, the machine can handle waste fruits or vegetables by reducing weight and volume, making it easier to transport, store and dispose of.

Industries We Served

Liquid-solid separation machines play a crucial role in various industrial and environmental applications. To cater to diverse requirements, Tianzhong Machinery provides a wide range of models and designs. Below are some of the industries we proudly serve for your reference:

Our machines are designed with some advantageous features:

  1. Continuous Operation
  2. Low Energy Consumption
  3. Compact Design
  4. Versatility
  5. Customized Solutions

Differences Between Single Screw Press and Double Screw Press

  1. Design and Configuration:

Screw Press Separator: A screw press separator consists of a rotating screw within a cylindrical screen. The screw conveys and squeezes the solids toward the outlet, while the liquid flows out through the screen. The compression of the screw press helps to dewater the solids.

– Slope Screen Separator: A slope screen separator utilizes a sloping screen to filter the liquid first while the solids are retained and conveyed to the screw press for further dewatering.

– Multi-Disc Screw Press: A multi-disc screw press incorporates multiple discs stacked together. The liquid flows between the discs, while the rotating screw conveys the solids towards the outlet. The discs provide additional surface area for effective separation and dewatering.

Screw Press Solid Liquid Separator
Screw Press Separator
Slope Screen Separator
Slope Screen Separator
Multi Disc Screw Press
Multi Disc Screw Press
  1. Applications:

– Screw Press Separator: Screw press separators are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants, manure dewatering, pulp dewatering, agricultural wastes (straw, crops, grass, etc.), food processing and brewery industry.

– Slope Screen Separator: It is often used in applications with high water content solids and low solid content, such as the water-flushed manure, water-soaked manure, slaughterhouse wastewater, etc.

– Multi-Disc Screw Press: Multi-disc screw press is mainly used in sludge dewatering, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, food processing, pulp and paper industry, and more.

Please talk with us for detailed information and we will offer you suitable solutions for your specific application.

Screw Press Separator

Slope Screen Separator

Multi-disc Screw Press

Why Invest In A Solid Liquid Separator?

The solid liquid separator plays a crucial role in solid and liquid waste management. Let’s review why invest in a solid liquid separation machine.

  1. Efficient Separation for Proper Disposal: After separating the solid from the liquid, the liquid and solid materials can be further processed properly according to their characteristics, for example, landfilling, composting, or recycling. Besides, the solid liquid separator enhances the overall efficiency of the further treatment process.
  2. Waste Volume Reduction: By separating the solid and liquid components, the overall volume and weight of waste are reduced. This reduction in volume makes it easier and more cost-effective to handle, transport, and dispose of the waste.
  3. Turning Waste into Valuable Products: The solid liquid separator enables the recovery of valuable resources from the waste.For example, the separated solid material, such as dewatered manure, can be used as fertilizer or bedding materials, bringing economic benefits to investors.
  4. Environmental Protection: The solid liquid separator plays a crucial role in preventing the contamination of water bodies, soil, and air. By separating the solid and liquid components, it helps each component to be treated properly, minimizing the release of pollutants and preserving environmental quality.


In conclusion, solid-liquid separators play a crucial role in various industries to separate the solid from liquid. Tianzhong Machinery is a leading liquid solid separation equipment manufacturer in China, which offers screw press, sloped screen separator and multi disk screw press for solid liquid waste management. They are well suited the applications including wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, manure dewatering, paper and pulp industry, food and brewery industry, etc. If you are looking for a liquid solid separator for sale, please feel free to contact us.