Nut Roasting Machine

Nut roasting machine is a perfect solution to efficiently roast nuts while maintaining their quality and flavor. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer both rotary drum nut roasters and continuous roasting equipment for sale. Our commercial nut roasters are tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized and large food processing businesses. From peanuts to almonds, and from sesame seeds to cashew nuts, our machines ensure uniform roasting for various materials.

Rotary Drum Nut Roasting Machine

This nut roaster is ideal for roasting various nuts including peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, cocoa beans, chestnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, and soybeans. It is perfect for small to medium-sized food processing enterprises. The available processing capacity ranges from 50 to 600 kg/h. To improve the automation level, it can be equipped with a conveyor belt or a lifter for feeding and discharging.

Drum Roasting Machine
Rotary Drum Roasting Machine
Nut Roasting Machine With Conveyor
Nut Roasting Machine

Working Principle

The drum nut roasting machine uses a rotating drum and high-quality infrared catalytic burners. Nuts are continuously fed into the drum and are pushed forward by a propelling device. As the drum rotates, the nuts are evenly exposed to heat from the burners, ensuring uniform roasting. The automatic temperature control system maintains consistent heat levels, guaranteeing optimal roasting quality.


1. Uniform Roasting: The 360° rotating drum ensures even heat distribution, resulting in uniformly roasted nuts.
2. Temperature Control: Equipped with an automatic temperature control device, the machine maintains a precise roasting temperature, preserving the flavor and texture of the nuts.
3. Compact Design: The machine’s compact structure and layout make it suitable for small to medium-sized food processing businesses. In addition, the overall structure adopts a high-strength frame structure, which is sturdy and durable.
4. Easy to Operate and Maintain: As the picture below shows, the easy disassembly door and a simple interface make operation and maintenance hassle-free.
5. Customized Options: To meet different processing capacities, our nut roasting machines are available in different models with single cylinder, two cylinders, even five cylinders. More than that, it can be customized according to your specific needs.

Inner Structure of Drum Roaster
Inner Structure of Drum Roaster
Single-Cylinder Nut Roaster
Single-Cylinder Durm Nut Roaster

Continuous Belt Nut Roasting Machine

Tianzhong Machinery also offers continuous belt nut roaster for sale, with a processing capacity of 500 to 600 kg/h. This machine is also known as nut roasting and cooling all-in-one machine, which can achieve high-quality roasting and rapid cooling. It is suitable for roasting peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, soybeans, chestnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, and other materials, making it ideal for businesses seeking efficient and continuous roasting solutions.

Continuous Belt Nut Roasting Machine
Continuous Belt Nut Roasting Machine
Design of Roasting and Cooling Machine
Roasting and Cooling All-in-One Machine

Working Principle

The continuous roasting machine consists of a framework, multi-layer conveyor belt, heating unit, and hot air circulation system. Nuts are fed onto the conveyor belt, and the thickness of the nut layer is controlled according to the roasting requirements. As the nuts move along the conveyor belt, they are evenly exposed to heat from the heating unit and circulated hot air, ensuring uniform roasting. The temperature control system maintains precise roasting temperatures for consistent quality. When the materials pass through the cooling part, the heat exchange between the layer and the material realizes rapid cooling of the material.


1. Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of nuts including almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, soybeans and more, the machine offers high-quality roasting for various food processing applications.
2. High Roasting Quality: Multiple circulation fans and guide air ducts ensure uniform heat distribution, resulting in evenly roasted nuts with no damage or discoloration.
3. Temperature Control: Equipped with a temperature controller and sensors, the machine maintains precise roasting temperatures, ensuring consistent quality.
4. Adjustable Speed: The conveyor belt speed is adjustable to accommodate different roasting requirements, providing flexibility in production.
5. Easy Maintenance: With quick and easy access maintenance doors, the machine is designed for convenient upkeep, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

How to Choose A Commercial Nut Roaster?

When selecting a nut roasting machine, you need to take the following aspects into account:

1. Characteristics of the Nuts: Consider factors such as the shape, moisture content, density, nut size, etc. For example, because of the different sizes of peanuts and sesame seeds, we offer different drum screen designs of nut roasters for tahini production and peanut butter production.

2. Required Processing Capacity: It’s crucial to evaluate the volume of materials you need to process per hour. It will help you to choose an appropriate model and related equipment for your project.

3. Available Heat Sources: First, identify the available options, including coal, oil, electricity, gas, or natural gas for the roasting process. Then compare the cost, and environmental impact, and choose the most cost-effective heat source.

4. Installation Space: It is necessary to consider the size of the installation site. Tianzhong Machinery will offer you the size of specific machines and the whole production line for your reference. Multi-layer continuous roaster will be more space-saving. Besides, if you have high requirements for the roasted nuts, for example, uniform color and no damage, a continuous roasting machine will be better.

5. Budget: Of course, it is important to consider your available budget for equipment purchase. Also, please remember to take the local labor costs, land costs, and energy prices into account.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a suitable nut roasting machine that meets your specific requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact professional nut roasting machine manufacturers.


Whether you’re a small, medium or a large-scale food processing enterprise, Tianzhong Machinery’s nut roasting solutions are tailored to meet your needs. With our rotary drum nut roasters and continuous nut roasting machines, you can achieve consistent quality, efficient production, and preserve the flavor and texture of your nuts. Moreover, our nut roaster seamlessly integrates into nut butter production lines, serving as a standalone unit or part of a larger system. Contact us today to learn more about our nut roasting machines and how they can benefit your business.