Peanut Butter Production Line

Peanut butter production line is designed for the efficient manufacturing of peanut butter on a commercial scale, from raw material roasting to butter filling. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer a versatile range of options, including both fully automatic and semi-automatic peanut butter production lines, with processing capacities ranging from 100 kg to 4,000 kg/h. Trust in Tianzhong Machinery to deliver suitable solutions catering to the specific needs of your production requirements. Welcome to contact us to get the related costs!

Peanut Butter Production Line Design
Peanut Butter Production Line

Peanut Butter Production Video

This video shows the complete manufacturing process of peanut butter from raw peanuts, including feeding, roasting, cooling, peeling, grinding and storage.

Peanut Butter Production Line Design

Below is a 500-kg/h peanut butter production line design diagram and a 3D design from Tianzhong Machinery for your reference. Besides, it is free to get a customized design diagram for your project according to your space and your desired capacity. Welcome to contact our experienced team for more information.

Peanut Butter Production Line Design Diagram
Peanut Butter Production Line Design
3D Peanut Butter Production Line Design
3D Design

Equipment Used in Peanut Butter Production

Taking the automatic peanut butter production line for example, the main equipment consist of automatic lifters, continuous peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, selection belt, storage hopper, peanut butter mill, storage tank, paste pumps, mixing tank, vacuum tank, butter filling machine, etc.

1. Automatic Lifter

In peanut butter production line, lifter plays a crucial role in facilitating the efficient and seamless flow of operations. It is responsible for lifting and transporting peanuts from one stage to another, for example, transferring raw peanuts to the roasting equipment, or transferring roasted peanuts to peeling machine. The automatic lifter minimizes the need for manual labor and also improves the working efficiency and speed. Tianzhong Machinery offers vertical or inclined lifters to choose from. And the size will be different according to the different capacities.

Main Parameters:
Power: 0.75 kW                   Running speed: Adjustable
Voltage: 380V                     Frequency: 50HZ

Automatic Lifter
Automatic Lifter

2. Peanut Roasting Machine

A nut roaster is designed for the roasting of peanuts, a crucial step in the peanut butter production. This machine is also used for drying and roasting cocoa beans, coffee beans and various nuts. Tianzhong Machinery offers both rotary roasting machine and continuous belt roasting machine. The former one features a rotary drum design, wherein raw peanuts rotate within the drum to ensuring uniform roasting. It is often used with a cooling belt and a lifter. Its processing capacity ranges from 100-600 kg/h. While the latter one, continuous peanut roasting and cooling machine, employs multi-layer belt dryer. This machine features high degree of automation, a compact structure, and exceptional efficiency.

Lifter and Roasting Machine
Lifter and Rotary Roasting Machine
Continuous Roasting and Cooling Machine
Continuous Roasting and Cooling Machine

3. Peanut Peeling Machine

In our peanut butter production line, we employ peanut dry peeling machine. This machine is specifically designed for the efficient peeling of roasted peanuts. It adopts roller peeling method, which excels in removing peanut skins. It has the characteristics of high peeling rate, low breakage rate, safety and hygiene, and easy operation.

4. Quantitative Feeding Hopper

A quantitative feeder is designed to accurately measure and control the quantity of peanuts fed into the colloid machine. Using a quantitative feeder enhances the production efficiency by automating the material feeding.

Dry Peeling Machine
Peanut Peeling Machine
Quantitative Feeder
Quantitative Feeder

5. Peanut Butter Mill

Peanut butter mill is a crucial component in the peanut butter production process, transforming roasted peanuts into the smooth and creamy peanut paste. To improve the quality of the end products, it is commonly used two stainless steel peanut butter machines within the production line. This design not only optimizes the grinding process but also ensures a consistent and high-quality peanut butter output. Tianzhong Machinery offers various models of colloid grinders, with processing capacity ranging from 60 to 4,000 kg/h. We will offer the most suitable equipment to meet your specific needs.

6. Storage and Mixing Tank

The mixing tank serves as a storage vessel for the peanut butter after the grinding process. There is a scraper in the mixing tank, which moves along the interior walls of the storage tank. This scraping action is crucial for preventing the peanut paste from adhering to the tank’s surfaces, but also enhances the cooling effect.

Colloid Mill
Peanut Butter Mill
Mixing Tank and Storage Tank
Mixing Tank and Storage Tank

Peanut Butter Production Line Cost

What investors are most concerned about is the cost for establishing a peanut butter production line. The costs include equipment costs and operating costs, such as raw material procurement, labor, power, and maintenance.

The equipment cost includes the cost of lifters, roasting machine, peeling machine, colloid grinders, and other equipment. Tianzhong Machinery will list each componment with detailed parameters (such as design diagram, processing capacity, size, power, material), pictures and pricing information for your reference. This transparent price list will help you make a well-informed decision.

Installation Site
Installation Site
Installation Site from Clients
Peanut Butter Production Line from Clients


Tianzhong Machinery offers solutions and equipment for both fully automatic and semi-automatic peanut butter production lines. The processing capacity ranges from 100 to 4,000 kg/h to meet different requirements. Additionally, the related equipment can be supplied individually or together. More than that, we also offer production lines for making butter from other nuts, such as sesame seeds, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cocoa beans, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details!