Industrial Juicer Machine

Industrial juicer machine is designed to quickly extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Tianzhong Machinery provides various designs of commercial juice making machines to choose from. Our versatile machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, including berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, apples, peppers, spinach, ginger, and more. With both shredder-equipped and shredder-less models available, we have different models to cater to various requirements. Please explore the following details:

Industrial Juicer Machine for Sale

Industrial Juicer Machine
LZ Series Industrial Juicer Machine
Industrial Juicer Machine With Shredder
PZJ Series Industrial Juicer Machine
Model Processing Capacity Power Dimensions (mm) Speed of Screw (rpm) Mesh Opening Size
LZ-0.5 0.5 t/h 1.5 kW 910×385×810 Approx. 410 Φ0.3-2.0 mm, can be customized as per specific requirements
LZ-1.5 1.5 t/h 4.0 kW 1,300×500×1,330
LZ-2.5 2.5 t/h 11 kW 1,480×740×1,780
The following models are equipped with shredders.
PZJ-0.5 0.5 t/h 2.05 kW 910×500×1,250  

Approx. 410


Φ0.3-2.0 mm, can be customized as per specific requirements
PZJ-1.5 1.5 t/h 5.1 kW 1,300×650×1,380
PZJ-2.5 2.5 t/h 12.5 kW 1,500×700×2,000

Note: Tianzhong Machinery also offers specially designed juicer machines for passion fruits and citrus fruits.

Applications of Industrial Juicer Machine

  1. Juice Production: Our screw juicer is an ideal solution for extracting juice from various fresh fruits, such as citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, as well as soft fruits like berries, apples, pears, peaches, pineapples and melons.
  2. Vegetable Processing: This machine can process efficiently vegetables, ranging from leafy greens such as spinach, celery, Swiss chard, to root vegetables like carrots, beets, ginger, lettuce and more.

Features of Industrial Juice Extractor

  1. Machine Material: At Tianzhong Machinery, the components in contact with the material are all made of food-grade stainless steel (SS304 or SS316) for corrosion resistance and food safety. Besides, this euipment is sold with CE mark. That is, it is applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements.
  2. Customizable Screen: The design and quality of the screen greatly impact juice extraction efficiency. Our screen is also made from SS304 steel to ensure the durability of the juicer machine. Moreover, the scree opening sizes are available from 0.3 to 2 mm, which is customizable to suit different materials to process and your specific needs.
  3. Energy Efficiency: This industrial juicer machine is operated at a low rotating speed, and the material temperature does not rise, saving power energy.
  4. Ease of Operation: Our screw juicers can operate continuously and it is easy to clean and maintain.
  5. High Juice Yield: The juice yield of some materials can reach up to 85%, and the moisture content of the dewatered material is about 20%.
  6. Superior Motor: Our machine adopts motors from esteemed Chinese brands, which offer low gear transmission system, high torque output, low noise and vibration-free operation. Alternatively, motors from globally renowned brands like Siemens are also available.

Structure of Industrial Juicer Machine

Below is the design of our PZJ series juicer machine. The casing upon the screw press is dismountable, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

PZJ Juicer Machine Design
PZJ Juicer Machine Design

Efficient Working Process

The screw juicer consists of several key components, including a motor, crusher (optional), support frame, feeding hopper, screen, screw, juice collector, and discharging outlet. In order to improve the juice yield, materials need to be cut into 3 to 10 mm smaller pieces through a crusher. Then feed the crushed material into the screw juicer. As the screw rotates, the materials are pushed forward. With the increasing diameter and decreasing pitch of the screw, the volume of the spiral cavity is reduced, separating juice from fruits and vegetables. The extracted juice flows through the screen and is collected for further processing. While the solid material is pushed to and discharged from the end of the screw.

Industrial Juicer Machines for Sale
Industrial Juicer Machines for Sale
Juicer Machine for Passion Fruit
Juicer Machine for Passion Fruit

How to Choose Juicer Machine for Different Fruits and Vegetables?

If you’re looking for a perfect juicer machine to cater to your needs, this guide will assist you in making an informed choice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  1. Fruits with Pits: For fruits with large pits like peaches, cherries, apricots, and plums, it’s wise to choose a juicer equipped with a stoning mechanism. This feature ensures effortless removal of pits, streamlining your juicing process.
  2. Crushing Machine: The size of the fruit influences your machine choice. For smaller fruits such as blueberries, you can choose industrial juicers without a crusher. On the contrary, when dealing with larger fruits like apples, it’s advisable to select a juicer with a crusher to ensure optimal juice yield optimal juice yield.
  3. Leafy Greens: When working with leafy greens like celery, it is necessary to chop them into small pieces, around 3 mm in size. But it’s recommended to use a beating machine instead of a screw juicer.

By the way, if you need to clean the fruits and vegetables first, consider to have a fruit and vegetable washing machine.


In conclusion, Tianzhong Machinery’s industrial juicer machine is available in a variety of models and designs to choose from. These machines offer a versatile solution for extracting juices from a wide array of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, we also supply industrial juice extractor with fruit pitting machine, which is suitable for cherry, peach, apricot, plum, etc. In addition, we also designed a juice machine for passion fruit to separate peel and seeds from juice. If you’re in the juice production business, these machines are the best options for you. Additionally, Tianzhong Machinery also offers the related equipment for your juice production, such as fruit and vegetable washing machine, shredder, etc. Please inform us of the materials you will process and we will offer you a tailor-made solution that perfectly meet your needs.