Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder

Double shaft shredder is a type of industrial shredding machine to effectively reduce the size of a wide range of materials. Operating at low speed but with high torque, it is extensively utilized in the solid-liquid separation process. At Tianzhong Machinery, we have ten models of dual-shaft shredders for sale. Whether you need to shred plastics, food waste, agricultural residues, metal scrap, or other materials, our twin shaft shredders are the perfect solution. Explore our ten models of twin shaft shredders for sale and choose the one that meets your requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Materials Can be Processed: 

Paper and cardboard; plastics, rubber products, wood, metals (such as aluminum cans, thin metal sheets), textiles, fruit and vegetable wastes, agricultural wastes, etc.

Shredder Machine Specifications

Model Shredder Box Size Blade Diameter Blade Thickness Number of Blades Power
TZSS200 200*200mm 120mm 15mm 13pcs 2.2kw
TZSS350 350*230mm 120mm 18mm 19pcs 7.5kw
TZSS400 400*400mm 220mm 20mm 20pcs 7.5kw
TZSS500 500*500mm 250mm 20mm 25pcs 7.5kw*2
TZSS600 600*400mm 220mm 20mm 30pcs 11kw
TZSS800 800*600mm 250mm 20mm 40pcs 18.5kw*2
TZSS1000 1,000*600mm 300mm 20mm 50pcs 22kw
TZSS1200 1,200*600mm 300mm 30mm 40pcs 30kw*2
TZSS1600 1,600*1,200mm 600mm 60mm 26pcs 45kw*2
TZSS1800 1,800*1,200mm 600mm 60mm 30pcs 55kw*2

Note: You can choose the shredder blade thickness according to the desired size you need. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

TZSS-600 Shredder Machine
TZSS-600 Shredder Machine
TZSS-1200 Double Shaft Shredder
TZSS-1200 Double Shaft Shredder

Applications of Dual Shaft Shredder

Our double shaft shredders find extensive applications in various industries, as listed below:
1. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): including food waste, packaging materials, textiles, waste furniture, etc.
2. Plastic Materials: including plastic bottles, containers, PE/PVC pipes, plastic films, plastic packaging, and more.
3. Rubber: such as scrap tires, rubber sheets, conveyor belts, and other rubber products.
4. Wood Waste: including furniture waste, tree branches, construction waste, pallets, leftover materials, and more.
5. Metal Scrap: such as metal shells, aluminum alloys, discarded aluminum castings, copper, steel plates, and more.
6. Organic Waste: including food waste, garden waste, agricultural residues, and more.

At Tianzhong Machinery, our state-of-the-art shredder machine is available as a stand-alone product, serving as a solution for waste reduction and recycling needs. However, our shredder also plays a critical role as auxiliary equipment of our dewatering system. If you want more details, please feel free to contact us!

Various Applications of Shredder
Applications of Shredder

Features of Double Shaft Shredder

The double shaft shredder offered by Tianzhong Machinery has key features as follows:
1. Dual Shaft Design with Multi-blades: Our shredder utilizes a double shaft mechanism with multiple blades arranged in a multi-claw pattern. And the blades are 30 mm in thickness to ensure sharpness and durability. This design ensures efficient crushing capabilities, making it suitable for various materials.

2.Gearbox for Low-speed, High-torque Operation: The motor of the shredder is coupled with a gearbox, ensuring a low-speed and high-torque operation. Our shredder system typically rotates at a speed of 12 rotations per minute, effectively reducing noise levels and minimizing dust pollution.

3.Customizable Blade Design: The moving blades and sleeves of our shredders are easily detachable, allowing for convenient cleaning, maintenance, and replacement. We can also customize the blade design based on your specific material requirements.

4.PLC Control System for Automation: Just like our solid liquid separator, our shredder is also equipped with a PLC system. It ensures automatic and reversible cutting based on load conditions. And the centralized lubrication system, controlled by the PLC, ensures proper lubrication of components, reducing friction and wear, and extending the lifespan of the shredder.

Dual Shaft Design
Dual Shaft Design

Design of Double Shaft Shredder Machine

The structure of a double shaft shredder typically consists of the following main components:
1.Hopper: The hopper serves as the entry point for the material to be shredded. It is a large, open container that allows easy feeding of the material into the shredder. The size and design of the hopper can vary depending on the application and the size of the material to be shredded.

2.Rotating Shafts: This shredder is equipped with two parallel shafts that rotate in opposite directions. These shafts play a critical role in tearing and crushing the materials. They are made of durable materials and are driven by powerful motors or hydraulic systems.

3.Blades: Our moving and fixed blades are crafted from upgraded materials such as 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, H13, or other special alloy tool steels, ensuring their high hardness and exceptional wear resistance. Moreover, the seamless fit between the blades prevents material entanglement and clogging, avoiding operational interruptions.

4.Power System: Our shredder machines are equipped with energy-efficient motors from reputable brands, including Siemens, Mitsubishi. These motors, combined with gear reducers, provide stable output and increased torque, enhancing the overall performance of the shredder.

5.Discharge System: The shredded material exits the shredder through a discharge port or a conveyor belt. To achieve higher efficiency and automation level, the shredder can be integrated with a conveyor system, enabling seamless transfer of the shredded material for further processing or disposal.

6.Frame: The frame provides structural support for the shredder, ensuring its stability during operation. It is constructed using high-quality Q235 steel, enabling the shredder to withstand the forces generated during the shredding process, even under heavy loads.

Choose Tianzhong Machinery for Reliable Shredders

At Tianzhong Machinery, we are committed to providing high-quality double shaft shredders that meet your specific needs. Our shredders are equipped with durable blades, efficient power systems, and user-friendly features. They are available for individual purchase or can be integrated with our screw press separators. Contact us today for more information on our dual shaft shredders and take advantage of their versatility and performance in your projects.