Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

A commercial fruit and vegetable washing machine can efficiently clean fruits and vegetables on a large scale. At Tianzhong Machinery, we have various types and sizes of fruit and veg cleaning machines for sale, equipped with various mechanisms such as brushes, high-pressure water jets, and more. This equipment often serves as a part of a juice production line. Besides, We aim to offer you a one-stop solution for making juice or pulp from various fruits and vegetables. Welcome to talk with us for more details!

1. Brush Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Our brush washing machine consists of a frame, a transmission reducer, a sprocket cover, a spray pipe, a brush roller, a water outlet, a discharge outlet, and other components.

The fruits and vegetables enter the machine evenly. The brush roller rotates under the transmission reducer’s drive to brush the materials. At the same time, high-pressure water is sprayed to flush the surface of the material. The sewage, sediment, fruit and vegetable peels flow into the water tank through the gaps between brush rollers and are discharged from the sewage outlet. This machine can be equipped with a circulating device according to the client’s needs.

The brush cleaning machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, thorough cleaning and peeling, and limited damage to fruits and vegetables. It is widely used for peeling and cleaning spherical or long round fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. Below is a video of brush washing machine for your reference.

2. Drum Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine

Our drum-type washing machine boasts a solid framework, a reliable transmission gearbox, a circulating water pump, a hollow screw conveyor, a versatile drum, precision spray pipes, efficient nozzles, a spacious water tank, a filtering trough, and a convenient drain valve. This equipment uses a roller to tumble fruits and vegetables and then clean fruits and vegetables by high-pressure nozzles.

The working process as follows:

1. Material feeding: Fruits and vegetables enter the drum through the feeding port.

2. Cleaning: The material tumbles and is cleaned in the drum by high-pressure spray water. Meanwhile, the materials are moved forward with a converying screw.

3. Wastewater treatment: Then the used water enters the water collection tank trough through the mesh on the surface of the drum. After filtering, the water is circulated back to water tank to clean the materials again. While the dirt will remain in the filter tank. Please maintain the water level at 2/3 of the water tank.

This machine offers high energy efficiency, high productivity, thorough cleaning, and minimal damage to materials. It excels in cleaning carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other soil-grown vegetables, particularly those cultivated in muddy conditions.

Drum Cleaning Machine
Drum Cleaning Machine
Inner Structure
Inner Structure

3. Bubble Washing Machine

Our air bubble washing machine is ingeniously crafted, comprising a frame, a water tank, a fan (water pump), a hoist, a circulating water pump, and transmission parts. It uses bubble washing system. Under the pressure of water flow and bubble, the fruits and vegetables are stirred, cleaned, and transported. The floating impurity is collected, while the water is filtered and re-used to wash the materials again by the circulating pump. You can also employ a spray system on this machine so that the materials can be sprayed by high-pressure water for secondary cleaning.

The bubble washing machine stands out for its superior cleaning efficiency. It excels in water conservation and is suitable for a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, peaches, apples, tomatoes, jujubes, and more.

Bubble Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine
Bubble Washing Machines
Bubble Washing Machine
Bubble Cleaning Machine

4. Spray Washing Machine

Our spray fruit and vegetable washing machine consists of a conveyor belt, spray devices, a water tank, and transmission parts. This machine adopts double-layer cleaning by bottom bubbling and top water spraying. It can gently but effectively clean delicate fruits and vegetables.

The materials are loaded onto a conveyor belt, which carries it through a water tank. There is a flushing pipe at the bottom of the equipment, where the material tumbles under the action of bubbling, thereby cleaning the materials. Then the materials are transported to spray section and cleaned by the continuous water supply from spray and high-pressure nozzles. Floating objects can overflow from the overflow tank, and sediments can be discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The water is recycled through the spray pipe and bubble pipe by the circulating water pump after being filtered.

The spray washing machine has the advantages of high cleaning capacity and no damage to the materials. Moreover, the materials are transported through the conveyor belt to reduce labor costs. It is the perfect choice for handling delicate and easily damaged fruits, such as mulberries, strawberries, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, etc.

Bubble Vegetable Fruit Cleaning Machine
Industrial Vegetable Washer
Spray Industrial Vegetable Washer
Spray Washing Machine

Below is a video of washing tomatoes with a spray washing machine. You can find more videos from our Youtube Channel.


In conclusion, Tianzhong Machinery offers various types of commercial fruit and vegetable washing machines to better meet your needs. We also offers other equipment of a juice production line, such as various industrial juice machines. Before purchasing, consider the types of fruits and vegetables you will be processing. For example, if you’re dealing with leafy greens, a spray washing machine is a suitable option. While a brush washing machine may be better for root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Besides, our fruit and vegetable cleaning machines are designed to filter and recycle water, which can save on water costs. Welcome to talk with us about your projects and we will offer you custom solutions according to your specific needs.