Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Crusher

Fruit and vegetable crusher plays a crucial role as a preliminary step in juice production. This machine is designed to crush fruits and vegetables into small pieces to improve the juicing efficiency and juice yield. It is also used to process fruit and vegetable waste. Tianzhong Machinery offers various designs and models of industrial fruit and vegetable shredders for diverse applications in food processing industry, or large-scale agricultural operations. Here’s a detailed overview of our offerings:

PS Series Fruit and Vegetable Crusher

The PS series crusher can be directly installed at the inlet of the juicer to form an all-in-one crushing and juicing machine to reduce floor space. This machine is ideal for crushing berry fruits like tomatoes, kiwis, carrots, mulberries, papaya, as well as pre-cooked pome fruits and vegetables such as apples, and pears. The crushing particle size is 5-8 mm.

PS Series Fruit and Vegetable Crusher
PS Series Fruit and Vegetable Crusher
PS Series Industrial Vegetable Shredder
PS-1/PS-3 Industrial Vegetable Shredder
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
PS-1 0.5-1 0.55 450×430×1,000 150
PS-3 2-3 1.5 650×500×1,160 260

– Material: Constructed with SUS304 stainless steel for both contact parts and frame.

– Customization: Can be equipped with stainless steel protective covers upon user request. Customizable for smaller production capacities.

– Structure: This machine comprises feeding hopper, crushing components, support frame, discharging hopper, and transmission parts.

– Working Principle: There are four sets of flying blades and bottom blades on the rotor. During operation, the rotating blades shred the materials between stationary bottom blades. In terms of different types of fruits and vegetables, we offer different discharge hopper designs to choose from.

CPS Series Fruit and Vegetable Crusher

The CPS series crusher offers a processing capacity ranging from 2 to 20 tons/hour, providing versatility for various production needs.

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Dimensions (mm)
CPS-2 2 3.0 950×400×1,650
CPS-5 5 5.5 1,150×450×1,850
CPS-10 10 11 3,140×500×2,000
CPS-20 20 22 1,800×700×2,500

This crusher consists of machine base, side cover, stator, blade rows, rotor, main shaft, bearing seat, and transmission components.

Application: Suitable for crushing various fruits and vegetables (excluding core fruits), such as apples, pears, tomatoes, wheat grass, etc.

– Working Principle: Material enters the chamber through the feeding hopper, undergoing coarse and fine crushing via high-speed rotating blades and stator. The knife rows on the stator crush the materials in one step. At this time, the particle size of the materials is around 5 mm and the particle size is adjustable according to the tooth pitch of the knife row, the slot width of the stator and the rotation speed. Then the crushed material falls from the waist shape on the stator through the discharge port.

CPJ Series Hammer Crusher

Tianzhong Machinery also offers CPJ series hammer crushers, with processing capacity of 2 to 20 tons per hour. This machine is widely used for crushing fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, grapefruits, etc. It can also crush stone fruits and vegetables, like dates, etc.

CPJ Crusher
CPJ Crusher
CPJ-5 Fruit Shredder
CPJ Fruit Shredder
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Dimensions (mm)
CPJ-2 2 3.0 1,000×600×1,500
CPJ-5 5 5.5 1,130×850×1,850
CPJ-10 10 11 1,280×1,100×2,035
CPJ-20 20 22 1,830×1,100×2,500

– Structure: Comprised of side covers, rotor with hammers, screens, body, feeding hopper, main shaft, bearing seat, motor, frame, discharge hopper, and transmission parts.

– Working Principle: Material is crushed by high-speed rotating hammers as it falls freely into the feeding hopper. Under the impact, shear, and grinding action of the hammers, the materials are crushed into desired particle size and then discharged for further processing.


  1. Safe Operation: Equipped with side covers for secondary safety protection, ensuring safe operation.
  2. Adjustable Hammer Structure: The hammer configuration is adjustable, allowing for versatility in crushing different materials.
  3. Crushing Fineness Control: The fineness of the crushed materials is determined by the aperture of the screen and the gap between the hammers and the screen. This allows for precise control over the final particle size.


Whether the PS series, CPS series, or CPJ series, Tianzhong Machinery offers robust solutions tailored to meet diverse crushing needs. Moreover, we also supply the related equipment of juice production line. It includes fruit and vegetable washing machine, various industrial juicer machine, as well as filling equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our products.