Cocoa Bean Grinder

A cocoa bean grinder machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to process cocoa beans into cocoa butter, primarily used in the chocolate-making industry. This machine uses a grinding mechanism to break down cocoa beans into fine particles, creating a smooth and homogenous paste that serves as the foundation for various chocolate recipes. Tianzhong Machinery provides various models of cacao grinder machines to choose from, as well as comprehensive solutions for cocoa butter production lines.

Cocoa Grinder for Sale
Cocoa Grinder Machines for Sale
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Cacao Grinder Machine

Cocoa Bean Grinder for Sale

Tianzhong Machinery offers different models of cocoa bean grinding machines for sale. Below are more parameters for your reference.

Model JMS-80 JMS-110 JMS-130 JMS-160 JMS-180 JMS-210 JMS-240 JMS-300
Fineness 50-200 mesh
Capacity(kg/h) 60-80 100-200 300-500 500-600 700-800 1,000-1,200 1,200-1,500 3,000-4,000
Power(kW) 4 7.5 11 15 18.5 30 45 75
Voltage(V) 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380
Weight(kg) 150 175 285 300 375 700 920 1,300
Dimension(mm) 600*410*930 700*430*1,000 990*440*1,000 1,000*460*1,050 1,000*490*1,100 1,260*600*1,230 1,330*630*1,280 1,440*680*1,420
Hopper Capacity 8L 8L 14L 14L 14L 24L 24L 32L
Rotor Diameter 80mm 110mm 130mm 160mm 180mm 210mm 240mm 300mm
Rotary Speed 2,890 r/min 2,900 r/min 2,930 r/min 2,930 r/min 2,930 r/min 2,950 r/min 2,970 r/min 2,970 r/min

Below are the customizable options of this cocoa mill.

1. Vertical or horizontal design; fixed or movable configurations.
2. Various feed options: pump, hopper, or screw feeder.
3. Multiple choices for stator and rotor with different fineness options, different tooth designs and materials.
4. Adjustable grinding gap.
5. Different machine construction materials: 2Cr13, 304, 316, or duplex stainless steel.

Applications of Cocoa Bean Grinder

The primary purpose of a cocoa bean grinder is to produce chocolate liquor by grinding roasted cocoa beans, serving as the foundation for various chocolate products. In the food industry, the mill is also employed to grind nuts and seeds, such as peanuts, sesame, pistachios, cashews, as well as chili, tomatoes, and more, to produce paste, jam, sauce, condiments, etc. Additionally, this versatile machine finds widespread applications in the chemical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more.

Applications of Cocoa Bean Grinder
Applications of Cocoa Grinder

How Does Cocoa Grinding Machine Work?

The cocoa butter making process involves several stages, from feeding the roasted cocoa beans to filling containers. Here’s a general overview of how a cacao nib grinder works:

1. Roasting

Roasted cocoa beans enhance the characteristic chocolate taste and aroma. Tianzhong Machinery offers nut roasting machines and cooling belt or continuous baking and cooling machine to dry and cool the cocoa beans.

2. Peeling

Cocoa beans are fed uniformly into the hopper, and then peeled by the peeling roller. The peeled skins are sucked by ventilator to the outside of the machine for storage, while the peeled cocoa nibs are separated for further processing.

Continuous Roasting and Cooling Machine
Continuous Roasting and Cooling Machine
Designs of Rotor and Stator
Designs of Rotor and Stator

3. Feeding

After peeling, the cocoa beans are fed into the cocoa grinding machine. The beans can be fed into grinding mill manually or through an automated feeding system, such as an automatic lifter, depending on your requirements.

4. Grinding

Two colloid mills, for coarse grinding and fine grinding, are used to produce smooth and homogenous chocolate butter. As the cocoa beans move through the colloid mill, they encounter strong shearing force, friction and high frequency vibration, typically through the high-speed rotation of a rotor and a stator. At Tianzhong Machinery, we have various grinding teeth designs and materials to choose from to meet different material properties and processing requirements.

5. Storage and Packaging

The collected cocoa butter is stored in a large stainless steel tank for packaging.

Colloid Mill
Colloid Mill
Dry Peeling Machine
Peeling Machine

Structure of Cocoa Mill

The cocoa mill consists mainly of three parts: grinding part, base transmission part and motor. The rotor and stator are the key parts of the machine, which are often made of stainless steel. But the design of grinding teeth are different according to different materials. Besides, parts such as the hopper, and those in contact with materials, are also made of stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. This design also ensures the processed materials pollution-free and hygienic. The motor is protected by a stainless steel motor cover, which is chosen from famous and reliable motor manufacturers.

Advantages of Cocoa Grinder Machine

1. The main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and non-toxic.
2. The stator and rotor adopt special machining and heat treatment processes, with high processing precision and long service life.
3. Custom Design: For example, the stator and rotor can be made of different materials, equipped with different tooth designs, to meet specific processing requirements.
4. The gap between the stator and rotor can be slightly adjusted through the adjustment ring, which is easy to control and ensures the processing quality of the product.
5. Users can choose ordinary motors or explosion-proof motors according to their needs.
6. Wide Range of Applications: Beyond cocoa processing, the machine is versatile and finds applications in various industries, including the food industry, chemical industry, cosmetics industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

Colloid Mill Structure
Cocoa Grinder Mill Structure
Colloid Mill Machines for Sale
Cocoa Grinding Machines

FAQs of Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine

Q: Can the cocoa bean grinder be used for other materials besides cocoa beans?
A: Absolutely! The cocoa bean grinder is versatile and can process a wide range of materials, including nuts, seeds, beans, and more.

Q: How fine can the cocoa bean grinder reduce particles?
A: The cocoa bean grinder excels in precision, capable of reducing particles to a fine consistency, ensuring the desired texture in the final product.

Q: Is the cocoa bean grinder suitable for large-scale production?
A: Yes, the cocoa bean grinder is designed to handle continuous operation and is well-suited for both small-scale and large-scale production.


In conclusion, our cocoa bean grinder stands as a reliable and versatile solution for chocolate manufacturers and various other industries. With its robust structure and customizable design options, this machine ensures precision in the cocoa butter making process. Whether you’re a small-scale or a large-scale production facility, the machine’s design caters to your specific needs. Welcome to contact Tianzhong Machinery for more details!