Shipping TZ-280 Dewatering Machine to Thailand

On January 19th, six units of dewatering machines were shipped to Thailand from Tianzhong Facotry. According to our client’s requirements, these machines are equipped with Siemens motors.

To optimize shipping space and reduce costs, our machines are not shipped fully assembled. However, the machine is easy to assemble and install. More than that, we also provide comprehensive manuals and instructional videos to guide you through each step of the installation.

  • Shipping date: January 19th
  • Location: Thailand
  • Product: TZ-280 Dewatering Machine
  • Materials to Process: Cow Dung
Dewater Machine to Thailand
Dewater Machine to Thailand
Siemens Motors
Siemens Motors

Thailand, the ninth-largest cattle-rearing country in the world, is with a population of over 10 million cattle. That’s why it is imporant to find eco-friendly solutions to tackle the challenges posed by the increasing volume of animal waste, for example, manure dewatering machines.

Apart from the environmental benefits, manure dewatering machines also provide numerous benefits for farmers. The reduction in waste volume leads to cleaner farms which can reduce the chance of cattle getting sick. Furthermore, the dewatered cow dung can serve as fertilizers, which can bring profits to farmers. That’s why dewatering machine in Thailand is popular.

Moreover, our dewatering machine is also suitable to process chicken manure, pig manure, slaughterhouse wastewater, etc. If you want to know more details, please contact us today!