Two TZ-200 Yeast Dewatering Machines to Cambodia

In October 2022, Tianzhong Machinery exported two TZ-200 dewatering machines to Cambodia. These two machines are used to dewater yeast.

This dewatering equipment is capable of processing a variety of materials, which effectively separates liquid from solid components, reducing the moisture content of the processed material to about 60%. The suitable materials include animal manure, paper pulp, residues from breweries or soy sauce and vinegar factories (dewatering spent grains), wood chips, sawdust, other agricultural residues, biogas slurry, food waste, etc.

  • Shipping date: October 2022
  • Location: Cambodia
  • Product: TZ-200 Dewatering Machine
  • Materials to Process: Yeast
Dewatering Machines to Cambodia
TZ-200 Dewatering Machines to Cambodia
Yeast Dewatering Machines to Cambodia
Dewatering Machines for Yeast

Working Principle of Dewatering Machine

The basic working principle of a screw press dewatering machine involves the following steps:

  1. Feeding: Feed the material to the hopper or pump the slurry to the machine. You can feed manually or through an automated feeding system, such as a conveyor belt.
  2. Conveyance: The material is conveyed by a rotating screw. This screw consists of a helical blade that pushes the material forward as it rotates.
  3. Compression and Dewatering: As the material moves along the screw, the increasing pressure between the screw and the screen will squeeze the liquid out of the solids. Then the liquid will filter out through the screen and discharged. While the dewatered solids continue to move forward along the screw to the end of the machine.
  4. Discharging: The dewatered solids are eventually pushed out of the machine through a discharge outlet. The moisture content of the dewatered cake is about 60%. The water content can be adjustable and it will be different with different materials.

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