Double Screw Press

Double screw press, also known as a twin screw press, is a machine used for extracting juice or liquids from materials with high fiber content. It is designed with two screws rotating in opposite directions. This design makes it ideal for processing various materials such as grapes, gingers, herbal residues, sugarcane, and pulp. Additionally, it also offers effective solutions for wastewater treatment and the dewatering of waste materials such as spent grains, agricultural waste, and more.

Double Screw Press for Sale

At Tianzhong Machinery, our screw press machines are available with processing capacities ranging from 0.2 to 50 tons/h, catering to different requirements. Whether you require a machine for small-scale or large-scale applications, we have an ideal solution for you. Welcome to contact us for more details.

TZ-0.5 Screw Press Separator
TZ-0.5 Screw Press Separator
TZ-5 Screw Press Machine
TZ-5 Screw Press Machine
TZ-10 Double Screw Press
TZ-10 Double Screw Press
Model Motor Power Weight Processing Capacity Screen Diameter Screw Diameter Dimension (mm)
TZ-0.5-180 3kW 450kg 0.2-0.5 t/h 190mm 180mm 1,800*550*920
TZ-1.5-260 5.5kW 900kg 1-1.5 t/h 270mm 260mm 2,200*800*1,200
TZ-3-350 7.5kW 1,300kg 2-3 t/h 360mm 350mm 3,100*900*1,300
TZ-5-420 11kW 2,600kg 3-5 t/h 430mm 420mm 3,580*1,000*1,470
TZ-10-500 18.5kW 3,050kg 8-10 t/h 510mm 510mm 3,740*1,200*1,650
TZ-15-600 22kW 4,300kg 12-15 t/h 610mm 600mm 5,600*1,300*1,650
TZ-20-630 30kW 5,300kg 18-20 t/h 650mm 630mm 5,800*1,300*1,800
TZ-30-700 37kW 6,800kg 25-30 t/h 720mm 700mm 6,500*1,450*2,475
TZ-50-870 55kW 8,300kg 40-50 t/h 890mm 870mm 6,800*1,530*2,475
3 Ton Double Screw Press
3 Ton Double Screw Press
0.5 Ton Double Screw Press
0.5 Ton Double Screw Press

Design of Double Screw Press

The twin screw press machine contains several key components, including a cylindrical screen, a pair of rotating screws, a casing, a feeding system, a discharging system, a motor, and a control cabinet. To ensure durability and hygiene, the screws, screen, casing, and parts that come into contact with the material are constructed from stainless steel. Here are the main design and features of the machine:

  1. Screws: The machine consists of two parallel screws that are closely spaced and rotate in opposite directions. These screws play a crucial role in squeezing and separating the liquid from the solids.
  2. Cylindrical Screen: The cylindrical screen provides a containment area for the dewatering process. It allows the separated liquid flows out through the screen, while the solids are retained and continue moving forward along the screen.At Tianzhong Machinery, the mesh opening size ranges from 0.3mm to 1mm, which can be customized according to the material to process.
  3. Feeding System: The machine is equipped with a hopper or pipeline that conveys the material to be dewatered. To provide convenience and automation, Tianzhong Machinery offers an automatic feeding system that utilizes a conveyor belt. If the material requires pre-shredding, our machinery can be equipped with a shredder or crusher.
  4. Control Cabinet: The machine is equipped with a control cabinet, which allows for easy operation and adjustment of various parameters, such as screw speed and dewatering pressure.
  5. Discharging System: The discharge outlet of solid cake is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder or spring, allowing to modify the pressing effect on the materials and the juice extraction rate.
Reducing Screw
Reducing Screw

Workflow of Double Screw Press

1. Material Conveyance: After feeding, the conveying screw pushes the materials towards the pressing screw.

2. Pressing and Dewatering: The pressing screw is designed with reduced pitch and increased shaft diameter. As the screw rotates, the space gradually narrows. With the effect of a screw and screen, the liquid is squeezed out through the screen.

3. Discharging: After pressing, the dewatered materials are discharged through the outlet. A spring is installed at the rear of the cone to adjust the moisture content of the pressed material.

Features of Twin Screw Press

  1. Double screw system: The double screw press is equipped with two parallel screws.
  2. Opposite rotation directions of the pressing screw and conveying screw.
  3. Suitable for materials with high plant fiber content.
  4. Effective for various materials, including grapes, herbal residues, sugarcane, pulp, and other fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
  5. Adjustable pressing force and juice extraction rate.
  6. Stainless steel construction for contact parts to ensure hygiene and durability.
  7. Improved dewatering performance due to the increased pressure exerted by the dual screws.


Double screw press dewatering machine utilizes a double screw system. This design ensures its faster processing speed, higher dewatering rate, and larger production capacity. Moreover, the design of screws and screens, materials and accessories can be customized based on the specific material characteristics.

At Tianzhong Machinery, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions to our customers. Our experienced team will offer tailored recommendations to meet your specific requirements. With our comprehensive after-sales service, we strive to ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire process. For more information or to discuss your projects, we warmly welcome you to contact us.