Plastic Dewatering Machine

Plastic dewatering machine is a practical and effective way to improve the handling, processing, and quality of plastic materials in various industries, from recycling to manufacturing. At Tianzhong Machinery, we provide a diverse range of screw press dewatering machines tailored to your needs. These machines employ screw mechanisms to efficiently remove moisture from plastic materials. Below are more parameters for your reference.

Plastic Dewatering Machine to Thailand
Plastic Dewatering Machine to Thailand
Screw Dewatering Machine to Russia
Screw Dewatering Machine to Russia

Specifications of Plastic Dewatering Machine

Model Motor Power Weight Processing Capacity Screen Diameter Screw Diameter Dimension (mm)
TZ-0.5-180 3kW 450kg 0.2-0.5 t/h 190mm 180mm 1,800*550*920
TZ-1.5-260 5.5kW 900kg 1-1.5 t/h 270mm 260mm 2,200*800*1,200
TZ-3-350 7.5kW 1,300kg 2-3 t/h 360mm 350mm 3,100*900*1,300
TZ-5-420 11kW 2,600kg 3-5 t/h 430mm 420mm 3,580*1,000*1,470
TZ-10-500 18.5kW 3,050kg 8-10 t/h 510mm 510mm 3,740*1,200*1,650
TZ-15-600 22kW 4,300kg 12-15 t/h 610mm 600mm 5,600*1,300*1,650
TZ-20-630 30kW 5,300kg 18-20 t/h 650mm 630mm 5,800*1,300*1,800
TZ-30-700 37kW 6,800kg 25-30 t/h 720mm 700mm 6,500*1,450*2,475
TZ-50-870 55kW 8,300kg 40-50 t/h 890mm 870mm 6,800*1,530*2,475

Product Details

The screen is welded with 304 stainless steel V-shaped wire, which has the characteristics of not easy to block, high pressure, and durability. Moreover, the design and opening size can be customized according to the materials you will process.

Tianzhong Machinery has both twin screw press and single screw press machine. The screw is also fully welded with corrosion-resistant and high-hardness 304 stainless steel, offering great durability and high working efficiency.


Applications of Plastic Dewatering Machine

Plastic dewatering machine has a wide range of applications across various industries due to its ability to efficiently remove moisture from plastic materials. Here are some common applications of plastic dewatering machine:

1. Plastic Recycling: Plastic dewatering machine is commonly used in plastic recycling plants. This machine helps reduce the moisture content in plastic waste, preparing it for further processing.

2.Plastic Production: For example, in plastic extrusion or molding process, dewatering machines are employed to remove moisture from plastic pellets before they are formed into various products. Drier plastic materials result in better product quality.

3.Sludge Dewatering: Wastewater treatment plants use screw press machines to dewater sludge and biogas slurry. They efficiently separate liquid from solid materials, reducing the volume of waste and making disposal or further treatment more manageable.

4.Juice Extraction: In the food processing industry, screw press machines are employed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. The machines apply pressure to crush and squeeze the pulp, separating the liquid juice from the solid.

5.Paper Pulp Dewatering: Screw presses are used in the paper and pulp industry to dewater paper pulp, separating water from the pulp before it is further processed into paper products. Below is a video of our dewatering machine, processing various materials.

Benefits of Plastic Dewatering

1. Enhanced Product Quality: Removing excess moisture improves the quality and appearance of your plastic products, making them more appealing to customers.

2. Cost Savings: By removing the excess water in plastic materials, it will reduce the weight and volume, you’ll save on transportation and storage costs.

3. Reduced Drying Time: Removing excess moisture from plastic using a dewatering machine can significantly reduce the time needed for subsequent drying processes. This efficiency can lead to cost savings and increased productivity.

4. Efficient Recycling: In plastic recycling facilities, dewatering machines help to remove excess moisture, making the plastic ready for further processing.

5. Environmental Benefits: Dewatering plastic waste before disposal can help reduce the volume of waste that needs to be managed and disposed of. This can have positive environmental impacts by minimizing the space needed in landfills or waste disposal sites.

0.5-ton Screw Press Machine
Stainless Steel Dewatering Machine
Standard Dewatering Machine
Standard Dewatering Machine

Dewatering Techniques

Our dewatering machine employs a screw press mechanism. Here’s how a screw press works for plastic dewatering:

Firstly, plastic materials are fed into the machine through a hopper. Inside the machine, there is a screw that gradually transports the plastic material forward as it rotates. As the plastic moves along the screw, the increasing pressure squeezes the moisture out of the plastic. The liquid filters out through a dewatering screen and is discharged through the drainage pipe, while the dewatered plastic material is then collected and discharged from the end of the machine for further processing. You can watch some videos to know the process better.


Plastic dewatering machine is a versatile tool for a wide range of industries. By efficiently removing moisture from plastic materials, this machine offers numerous benefits. At Tianzhong Machinery, we employ a screw press mechanism that gently extracts moisture from plastics, which will save costs in the following process. Welcome to contact Tianzhong Machinery today and get more details about our machines.