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Screw Press Cassava Dewatering Machine

A cassava dewatering machine is a piece of equipment specifically designed to reduce the moisture content from cassava roots or cassava processing byproducts, such as cassava residue or cassava pulp. There are different types of cassava dewatering machines available on the market. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer screw press machine for cassava dewatering, which is available in different sizes and models to suit diverse processing needs. Overall, cassava dewatering machines play a crucial role in cassava processing operations by reducing moisture content, improving product quality, and facilitating efficient storage and transportation.

Screw Cassava Dewatering Machine
Screw Cassava Dewatering Machine
Cassava Dewatering Machine
Cassava Dewatering Machine

Working Principle of Cassava Dewatering Machine

This machine typically consists of a large screw inside a cylindrical screen. When the cassava material is fed into the machine, the rotating screw applies pressure to compress the liquid out through a screen. The water drains out through the screen and is collected for disposal or further processing. While the dewatered solid is pushed towards the discharge end of the machine and then is collected for further processing or drying. The dewatering efficiency of the machine depends on factors such as the design of the screw, the processing capacity, the size of the perforations in the screen, and the desired moisture content of final product. Below is a video for your reference.

Features of Cassava Dewatering Machine

Using a screw press machine for cassava residue dewatering offers several significant advantages:

1. Efficient Dewatering

Our machine employs a continuous screw press, which can effectively remove moisture from cassava. Screw press machines are highly effective in removing moisture from high-moisture content materials like cassava residue. They employ a screw mechanism to squeeze liquid out efficiently, reducing the moisture content from 80%-90% to 55%-60%. This efficient dewatering process prepares the material for subsequent drying operations.

2. Versatility

Screw press dewatering machines are versatile and can be applied to various wet residue materials beyond cassava, including potato residue, fruit residue, tea residue, spent grains from breweries and distilleries, paper pulp fiber, soybean residue, coffee residue, biogas slurry and more. This versatility makes them indispensable in industries dealing with a range of moist waste materials.

Stainless Steel Screw Press
Stainless Steel Screw Press
Feeding Hopper
Screen and Screw

3. Lower Energy Consumption

Firstly, the screw press machine utilizes mechanical compression, eliminating the need for additional heat sources. This significantly reduces energy consumption, making the dewatering process more environmentally friendly. Besides, by removing excess moisture from cassava residue, it will reduce the energy required for drying processes. This leads to increased production capacity, lower energy costs, and reduced wear and tear on drying machinery, resulting in cost savings for businesses.

4. Improved Product Quality

Dewatering cassava residue with a screw press machine helps in removing impurities and unwanted substances, resulting in a purer product. This enhances the quality of the processed material, making it more suitable for various applications such as food processing, animal feed, bioenergy production, and industrial raw materials.

5. Environmental and Economic Benefits

Cassava residue with high moisture content can pose environmental pollution risks if not properly managed. Dewatering mitigates these risks by reducing the volume of residual water, thereby minimizing the potential for leaching of pollutants into soil and water bodies.Besides, the dewateredmaterial is easier to store, transport, and utilize in various value-added applications, contributing to sustainable resource utilization and economic development. Thus, dewatering cassava residue not only reduces environmental pollution by managing waste effectively but also brings economic

6. Simple Structure and Easy Maintenance

The straightforward structure of screw press machines facilitates easy maintenance. Key components are crafted from wear-resistant materials, ensuring prolonged service life. Additionally, low maintenance costs contribute to reduced production expenses, enhancing the economic viability of the equipment.

7. Customization Options

In order to meet thespecific processing needs of clients, Tianzhong Machinery also offers customization options, including different processing volumes, different designs of screw and screw, different materials, different motors, adjustable moisture content, and more. Welcome to talk with us about your projects in detail.


In conclusion, the screw press cassava dewatering machine stands as a vital part in the cassava processing industry. This equipment can efficiently lower moisture content to improve product quality. It is also versatile in various industry for processing various materials. At Tianzhong Machinery, we are committed to providing top-notch dewatering solutions tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to our dedicated team today and we will provide a suitable solution for your cassava processing operations.