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Screw Press Dewatering in Coconut Industry

Dewatering screw press plays a crucial role in the coconut industry. This machine is commonly used to separate coconut water and coconut meat, facilitating the extraction and processing of coconut products like coconut oil, and coconut milk/water. In addition, it also helps to reduce moisture content in coconut husk, making it suitable for use in various applications such as gardening, agriculture, and horticulture.

Uses of Screw Press Dewatering in Coconut Industry

Here are some specific uses of the screw dewatering machine in the coconut industry:

1. Coconut Water Extraction:

The dewatering screw press employs mechanical pressure to extract excess liquid from coconuts, separating coconut water from coconut meat. Coconut water is a popular drink that is naturally low in calories and rich in electrolytes. Additionally, the dewatered coconut meat can be further processed for products like coconut milk, coconut oil, or shredded coconut. This method ensures a high yield of extracted products, like coconut water or coconut meat. In addition, by efficiently removing excess moisture, it contributes to in extending the shelf life of coconut-based products. Below is a video for your reference.

2. Coco Peat / Coir Dewatering:

This machine is designed to remove excess water from coco peat or coir efficiently. By removing water, it will reduce the volume and weight of coco peat or coir, thereby reducing the transportation and storage costs. The dewatered coir fiber is widely used for making ropes, mats, or bedding for animals. Coco peat, on the other hand, is commonly used as a soil conditioner and growing medium in horticulture. Therefore, the dewatered coco peat and coco coir are sustainable and eco-friendly practices in agriculture, horticulture, and various other industries.

Features of Screw Press Dewatering in Coconut Industry

1. Efficient Dehydration

The screw press dehydrator utilizes mechanical compression to rapidly extract excess water from coconut meat, achieving remarkable dehydration efficiency. This rapid dewatering process will prevent product deterioration and bacterial growth. Lower moisture content is crucial for preventing spoilage and extending shelf life.

2. Preservation of Product Quality

During the dewatering process, this machine effectively preserves the original texture and taste of coconut, ensuring the quality of end products such as coconut flakes, coconut powder, and coconut oil.

Screw Press Dewatering
Screw Press Dewatering Machine
20-ton Screw Dewatering Machine
20-ton Screw Dewatering Machine

3. Energy and Time Savings

Our screw press machine is easy to operate, reducing the time and cost associated with high-temperature drying or other energy-intensive methods. Thereby, it will further lower production costs and enhance overall efficiency in coconut processing industry.

4. Waste Reduction

By efficiently extracting moisture from coconut husk, the dewatering screw press aids in reducing waste. The dewatered coconut husk can be repurposed for various applications in gardening, agriculture, and horticulture. This not only contributes to waste reduction but also aligns with sustainable practices by utilizing coconut by-products effectively.

5. Adjustable Parameters

Our screw press dewatering machines often feature adjustable designs, allowing operators to tailor the machine parameters based on specific requirements. This flexibility makes the machine suitable for various materials and applications.

6. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Constructed from stainless steel, the screw press dehydrator exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Its straightforward structure facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning. And the stainless steel material ensures food hygiene and safety standards for use in the food processing industry.

7. Versatility

Beyond coconut dewatering, our screw press machine finds application in various industries, such as dewatering fruit and vegetable wastes, agricultural wastes, paper pulp, and more. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for food processing plants and agricultural processing industry.


In conclusion, the dewatering screw press stands as a vital and versatile component in the coconut industry. Its ability to separate coconut water from meat, reduce moisture content in coconut husk, and contribute to waste reduction. Tianzhong Machinery offers various models to suit different applications, with processing capacities ranging from 0.5 to 50 tons/h. For inquiries, please feel free to contact us!