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Applications of Screw Press Dewatering

Screw press dewatering is widely used for separating liquids from solids in various industries, including food processing, paper pulp industry, wastewater treatment, processing agricultural wastes, etc. As an experienced supplier of dewatering screw presses, Tianzhong Machinery helps clients with their solid liquid separation projects. The most common applications include manure dewatering, ginger juice production, waste vegetable processing, dewatering spent grains, etc. Below let’s review the common applications of screw press dewatering:

1. Food Processing and Beverage Industry

Screw press is a versatile device in food processing industries, offering a wide range of applications. It is used to separate liquids from solids, such as extracting juice from fruit and vegetable, processing brewery and distillery spent grains, potato starch production, processing food waste/ fruit and vegetable waste, etc.

  • Juice Extraction from Fruits and Vegetables

Screw presses are widely utilized to extract juice from various fruits and vegetables, including ginger, grapes, citrus fruits, cabbages, apples, pears, pineapples, strawberries, sea buckthorn, aloe, algae, and more. This process is essential for producing fresh and natural fruit and vegetable juices. It is also suitable for materials that require removing excess water, such as processing shredded coconut, potato starch production, etc.

  • Processing Food and Vegetable Waste

Screw presses are employed to separate the liquids from the solids to reduce the volume and weight of the food waste. This makes it easier to handle and dispose of food waste and further save transportation cost and storage space. Tianzhong Machinery developed a machine that integrates a shredder with a screw press machine. This innovative design offers higher efficiency in processing fruit and vegetable waste.

  • Processing Brewery and Distillery Spent Grains

Breweries and distilleries generate substantial amounts of spent grains, as well as soy sauce residues, herb residues, etc. Screw presses play a pivotal role in separating the liquid from the spent grains. This dewatering process not only reduces waste volume and weight, but also recycles the separated grains as animal feed or in other applications.

Dewatering Spent Grain
TZ-400 Dewatering Screw Press
Fruit and Vegetable Waste Dewatering Equipment
Fruit and Vegetable Waste Screw Press

2. Pulp and Paper Industry

Screw press dewatering is employed to remove excess water from paper pulp during the papermaking process. This helps in reducing the moisture content of the pulp, which is essential for producing high-quality paper products.

3. Dewatering Sludge/Wastewater Treatment

Screw presses play a crucial role in sludge dewatering or wastewater treatment plants. Dewatering screw presses is able to separate the water from the solid sludge, reducing the volume and making it easier to handle and dispose of.

4. Agricultural Waste Processing

In the agricultural industry, screw press dewatering finds several applications, including:

  • Manure Management: This machine can be used to separate the liquid and solid from manure, including cow dung, pig manure, poultry waste, making it easier to handle, transport, and process. The dewatered manure can be used as fertilizer or further processed into other valuable products.
  • Agricultural residue management: The agricultural waste from sugarcane, corn, grass waste, often contain a significant amount of moisture. Using a screw press dewatering machine can reduce the moisture content in crop residues, making them easier to handle or further process.

5. Biogas Production

A dewatering screw press is used for separating liquid from solid in biogas slurry. This process reduces the volume of the digestate, making it easier and more cost-effective to handle and dispose of the remaining solids. Moreover, it also contributes to an improved biogas production process.


In conclusion, the screw press dewatering serves as a versatile machine across various industries. Except for the applications mentioned above, it is also used to process organic and inorganic materials, such as dewatering wood chips, plastic waste, and more. This machine is also suitable for the industries, like leather processing, textile, printing, dyeing, and petrochemical industries.

Tianzhong Machinery, as a leading screw press machine manufacturer in China, provides various models and custom solutions to meet the diverse needs of each industry. We have developed a range of screw press machines, catering to the demands of processing various materials. Contact us today to discover how our screw press machines can help your projects.