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Dewatering Technology in Agricultural Waste Management

Dewatering technology is commonly used in agricultural waste management and various other industries to separate liquids from solids. This technology not only reduces the moisture content of waste materials, such as crop residues, animal manure but also transforms the waste into valuable products. As an experienced and reliable dewatering equipment supplier, Tianzhong Machinery has spearheaded numerous dewatering solutions in agricultural waste management. We have developed a wide range of dewatering equipment, designed to meet different needs of specific materials. Our machine can work stand-alone or integrate with other equipment to better process agricultural residues.

Applications of Dewatering in Agricultural Waste Management

1. Manure Management:

Dewatering machine is particularly beneficial for animal waste management in pig farms, poultry farms, and cow farms. This machine effectively separates liquid from animal manure, resulting in dewatered manure with a moisture content of around 60%. This reduction in moisture content makes it easy to transport, store and handle. Moreover, the dewatered manure can be used as fertilizer or be further processed into organic fertilizer to bring more economic benefits. Tianzhong Machinery has mature manure dewatering technology, which offers various models of screw presses and sloped screen manure separators to meet different needs. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Manure Dewater Machine in Germany
Manure Dewater Machine in Germany
Slope Screen Separator to Spain
Slope Screen Separator to Spain

2. Crop Residue Processing:

Dewatering screw presses play an important role in processing various crop residues like corn stalks, sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, wheat straws, grass, and other plant materials. By removing excess moisture, the volume and weight are greatly reduced. As a result, the drier solids are more easily handled, stored, and transported, thereby saving cost and time on further processing. The dewatered crop residues can be further processed into valuable products, such as pellets or briquettes, and animal feed, offering versatile options for resource utilization. Tianzhong Machinery has various models of dewatering machines for crop residue processing. The processing capacity can reach up to 50 tons/h. Welcome to contact us for more details.

3. Processing Fruit and Vegetable Waste:

Dewatering machine is also effective in processing fruit and vegetable waste, including peels, seeds, cassava residues, pomace, waste vegetables, and other similar materials. This technology is able to reduce the moisture content of waste materials, making it more easier and cost-effective for disposal, composting, or further processing. In addition, the dewatered solids can be used for composting or as animal feed.

Except for the applications above, the screw press proves highly valuable in various other industries such as dewatering biogas slurry, wastewater treatment, and juice production lines. Welcome to inform us of the materials you need to process. Our team will offer you a suitable solution to meet your specific requirements.

Screw Press Separators for Sale
Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Sale
3 Ton Double Screw Press
3 Ton Double Screw Press

How Does Screw Press Dewatering Work in Agricultural Waste Management?

1. Feeding: The agricultural waste materials is fed into the screw press machine through pipeline or feed hopper. The design of feeding system mainly depends on material characteristics and clients’ specific requirements. Tianzhong Machinery offers the related auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, conveyor belts, trash can dumper, etc. In addition, we offer a model integrating shredder and screw press together.

2. Compression and Dewatering: The screw inside the screen has a helical shape. As the screw rotates, it moves the waste material towards the outlet of the machine. The pitch of the screw gradually decreases, which leads to the compression of the material against the screen. This pressure forces the liquid of the waste material filters out through the screen, while the solid retains in the screen and continues to move along the screw towards the discharge end. As the material moves along the screw, the pressure increases, causing the liquid to further separate from the solids. At Tianzhong Machinery, the screw and screen are made from SS304 stainless steel to ensure the durability. Moreover, the design of the screw and screen will be different with the materials to process.

3. Discharging: As the screw continues to rotate, the dewatered solid material is discharged attheend of the screw press. And the separated liquid is collected for further treatment or disposal. You can find videos from our YouTube Channel.

Fully Welded Screw Press

Advantages of Dewatering in Agricultural Waste Management

1. Volume Reduction: A dewatering screw press plays a pivotal role in efficiently separating liquid content from solid agricultural waste. This process reduces the volume and weight of the waste material. The reduction of volume and weight makes it easier to handle and transport, further reducing transportation and disposal costs.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact: Properly managing agricultural waste is essential for minimizing its environmental impact. Dewatering screw presses help in controlling the release of harmful pollutants into the environment, such as leachate and runoff. Dewatering agricultural waste can help farmers comply with environmental regulations.

3. Turning Waste into Valuable Products: The dewatered material can be further processed as a valuable resource, such as organic fertilizers, feed materials, fuels, etc. These valuable materials will bring higher economic benefits to farmers.


In conclusion, dewatering technology offers numerous benefits in agricultural waste management. This innovative machine effectively separates liquids from solids, reducing waste volume and weight, thereby saving time and cost on further processing. Beyond agriculture, the dewatering screw press also finds applications in diverse industries, such as wastewater treatment, food processing, paper and pulp industry. If you want more details for your waste management needs, Tianzhong Machinery is ready to offer quality equipment and tailored solution to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us!