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How Can Screw Dewatering Machines Help in Waste Treatment?

A screw press dewatering machine is versatile to process a wide range of materials from various industries. This machine is designed to separate liquid and solid components from both organic and inorganic materials, reducing the moisture content of waste materials. As a leading dewatering machine supplier, Tianzhong Machinery has helped hundreds of clients to handle different materials. These materials include animal manure and agricultural waste, sludge, fruit and vegetable waste, biogas slurry, paper pulp, plastic, etc. Below let’s explore how a screw dewatering machine help in the waste management system.

1. Moisture Removal

This machine employs a rotating screw mechanism that applies pressure to the waste material. As the screw rotates, it conveys the waste material forward. With the decreasing spacing, the pressure increases and squeezes the liquid out from the screen. Through dewatering, the moisture content of the dewatered solid is about 60%. Some of our clients use two sets of continuous screw presses to lower the moisture content to around 50%.

2. Volume Reduction

By removing excess water from the waste material, the screw press significantly reduces its volume and weight. Taking fruit and vegetable waste for example, the moisture content of the solid material is less than 60%, which can be reduced by more than 70%. This reduction makes it easier and more cost-effective to transport and dispose of the waste.

Dewatering in Agricultural Waste Management
Dewatering Agricultural Waste
Dewatered Manure
Dewatered Manure

3. Cost Efficiency

The reduction in volume not only makes transportation, storage, and disposal more efficient but also reduces related costs, such as energy consumption. In addition, the dewatered solid is easier to handle and manage. Many of our clients employ dewatering machines as a pre-treatment process to lower disposal costs, such as before drying, composting, biogas production, or others.

4. Easy Handling and Disposal

Waste materials with high moisture content might be messy, emit foul odors, attract pests, and be prone to bacterial growth. By using screw press dewatering machines, the moisture content is reduced, making the waste materials more manageable and reducing odors and health hazards.

5. Environmental Benefits

By removing extracted water from waste materials, dewatering reduces the risk of environmental pollution, such as the leaching of contaminants, and land-filling. After being dewatered, the liquid and solid materials can be further processed individually. Moreover, the separated liquid and solid components can be valuable resources. For example, the solid manure can be used as fertilizer or bedding materials, while the liquid can be processed further to produce biogas through anaerobic digestion, resulting in higher biogas production.

6. Compliance with Regulations

Many waste management regulations require proper treatment and disposal of waste materials. Using screw presses to dewater waste can help meet regulatory standards and avoid fines or penalties.

7. Versatility

Screw press dewatering machines can process various waste materials, including wastewater treatment (sludge), food processing waste (spent grains), animal manure, agricultural waste, pulp and paper residuals, biogas slurry, plastic, and more. It is also used to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. You can find videos for different materials on our YouTube Channel.

8. Customizable Solutions

At Tianzhong Machinery, our screw press dewatering machines come in various sizes and configurations, allowing them to be tailored to the specific needs of different industries and applications. Please inform us of the material to process, the desired capacity, and we will offer you suitable solutions.

In conclusion, screw press dewatering machine offers various benefits in waste treatment process. With its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and multi-function, this machine is broadly utilized in food processing, agriculture, wastewater treatment, paper pulp industry, and other fields. Through continuous development and adjustment, Tianzhong Machinery provides a wide range of options in different sizes and designs. Our screw press is expected to provide more reliable and efficient solutions for all walks of life. Welcome to contact us for more details!