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Improving Dewatering Efficiency of Screw Press Machine

Screw press dewatering machines play a crucial role in separating liquids from solid materials. Through dewatering, the moisture content of the solid cake is around 60%. However, the dewatering efficiency of screw press machines is influenced by several factors, for example, the type of material being dewatered, its particle size, its fiber content, viscosity, the feeding rate of material, etc. In order to improve the dewatering efficiency of screw press machines, Tianzhong Machinery offers some tips for your reference.

Tips for Improving Dewatering Efficiency

1. Effective Pre-sorting

Before feeding waste into the screw press machine, it’s important to sort first to remove large foreign objects like plastic bags, ropes, big bones, metal, and other materials that could cause clogging or damage to the machine. For the uniform material type, the water content of the dewatered solid is possibly around 55-60%.

2. Size Reduction

The proper particle size, around 3 mm in size, also greatly enhances dewatering efficiency. In the case of large and irregularly shaped waste, it is recommended to employ a shredder or crusher to achieve a consistent particle size to improve dewatering performance. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer integrated solid liquid separators with shredders and we also provide shredders and screw press dewatering machines individually. You can choose according to your needs.

Fruit and Vegetable Waste Dewatering Equipment
Dewatering Machine with Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder

3. Optimized Operating Parameters

Adjusting the operating parameters of the screw press dewatering machine can lead to improved performance. Factors such as rotational speed, torque, feed rate, and compression ratio should be adjusted according to the specific characteristics of the materials to process. This optimization ensures efficient dewatering without causing excessive wear on the machine.

4. Screw Design

The design of the screw plays a crucial role in preventing clogs and improving dewatering efficiency. Tianzhong Machinery offers different screw designs, as well as single or twin screw press, according to the characteristics of the material to ensure smoother material flow and reduce the risk of clogging. Moreover, the screw is made of stainless steel and it is fully welded to prolong its service life.

Reducing Screw
Reducing Screw
Fully Welded Screw Press
Screw Design

5. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to improve the dewatering efficiency. Proper cleaning, inspection, and maintenance will ensure that the machine operates at its optimum capacity. Address any wear and tear promptly to avoid costly repairs and downtime. In our user guide, we advise to clean the screw and screen before and after use. Besides, regularly add lubricating oil to ensure its smooth operation.

6. Operator Training

Operators should be well-trained in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the screw press dewatering machine. Proper training can lead to early detection of issues and efficient problem-solving, minimizing the risk of prolonged downtime. Tianzhong Machinery offers manuals and videos for our clients to help with your installation, training and maintenance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


In conclusion, by following these tips from Tianzhong Machinery, you can significantly improve the output and reliability of your dewatering equipment. At Tianzhong Machinery, we are committed to providing you with high-quality equipment and full support to meet your dewatering needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to help!