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Instructions for Screw Press Dehydrator Machine

At Tianzhong Machinery, we take pride in delivering high-quality screw press dehydrator equipment that ensures efficient water removal from various materials. To help you make the most of your investment, we’ve prepared comprehensive instructions for the inspection, setup, operation, and maintenance of your dewatering machine.


  1. Upon receiving the dehydrator machine, place it on a stable surface and check for balance to ensure there is no wobbling.
  2. Examine the equipment for any damages or wear that may have occurred during transportation, and check for deformities in the motor and main body.
  3. Inspect all screws on the machine, tighten any loose ones.
  4. Check the electrical wiring connections between the motor and the distribution cabinet to ensure safe operation.
  5. Ensure that there are no oil leaks from the main body’s gearbox, hydraulic pump station, and cylinders.
  6. Check the integrity of the pipelines connecting the hydraulic pump station and the cylinders.

If you find any damages, deformities, or missing parts, please contact us immediately, and we will promptly address the issues.

Screw Press Dehydrator Machine
Screw Press Dehydrator Machine
0.5 Ton Double Screw Press
Screw Dehydrator With Shredder

Setup of Dehydrator Machine

  1. Prepare a main power supply with a cross-sectional area greater than 16 square millimeters. Employ a professional electrician to open the distribution cabinet to connect the main power supply.
  2. After connecting the main power supply, check the power indicator lights to confirm they are functioning correctly.
  3. Switch on the screw press and hydraulic operation buttons separately and confirm that the operation indicator lights are functioning properly.
  4. Turnon the open and close chamber operation buttons separately and confirm that the operation indicator lights are functioning correctly.
  5. For the screw press and hydraulic operation, check the motor’s rotation direction. The correct direction is counterclock wise when facing the front of the equipment. Confirm that the screw’s rotation direction is normal.
  6. Open and close the chamber doors at the discharge point to ensure they function correctly and fully open.

Operation of Dehydrator Machine

  1. Uniformly feed the raw material into the equipment’s inlet, maintaining a continuous supply, and observe observe the equipment for any shaking or abnormal behavior during operation.In order to improve dewatering efficiency, you’d better pre-process the materials before feeding, such as shredding, removing the long and soft materials (to prevent clogging).
  2. When the material begins to discharge gradually from the outlet, partially close the chamber door by 30% to increase pressure at the outlet. Monitor the moisture content of the discharged material. When the moisture contentis below 60%, fully open the chamber door.
  3. After fully opening the chamber door, the material will discharge in a cylindrical shape, creating continuous pressure between the screen and screw.In this condition, the machine works normally without the need for further intervention.
  4. During operation, monitor the motor’s temperature and pressure of the dehydrator equipment. Excessive pressure can damage the motor and equipment, so chamber door closure should not exceed 50%.

Below is a video for your reference and you can find more videos from our Youtube Channel.


  1. After using the equipment, first disconnect the power supply. Open the chamber door and clean the dehydrator equipment.
  2. Lubricate all bearing components with grease after each working cycle.
  3. Replacethe reducer oil of a new machine for the first time after 5-6 months, and then once a year.
  4. Check the gearbox daily before operation to ensure the grease remains in good condition.
  5. Inspect the electrical circuits for safety before each operation.
  6. If any issues are identified during equipment use, contact the factory promptly for assistance.


In conclusion, by following these guidelines for inspection, setup, operation, and maintenance, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your screw press dehydrator machine. As a trusted supplier of dewatering machine, Tianzhong Machinery is here for any inquiries or support. Whether you need equipment for wastewater treatment, food processing, manure management, or other applications, we have you covered. Explore our range of dewatering solutions today!