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Materials Suitable for Continuous Screw Press

A continuous screw press is a versatile piece of equipment designed for effectively separating solids from liquids. It is widely employed across various industries to process a diverse range of materials. This machine finds application in handling materials with specific fiber content, such as grape pomace, ginger, spinach, medicinal herbs, straw, plastic, spent grains, slurry and many others. It plays a crucial role in reducing waste volume and facilitating the management and disposal of waste materials. Moreover, this press is extensively used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Below is a list of materials suitable for continuous screw press.

Materials Suitable for Continuous Screw Press

1. Sludge/Wastewater Treatment

Screw press dewatering machine is widely used in wastewater treatment to dewater sewage sludge, slaughterhouse wastewater, etc. making it more manageable and cost-effective to transport and dispose of. Tianzhong Machinery also offers multi-disc screw press for sludge dewatering.

Sludge Screw Press for Sale
Sludge Screw Press
Manure Dewatering Machine to Serbia
Manure Screw Press

2. Animal Manure

One of the best-selling products of Tianzhong Machinery is the manure screw separator. Farmers employ screw presses to dewater animal manure, including cow dung, hog manure, chicken manure, etc., reducing volume and turning waste materials into fertilizer or energy production. The moisture content of the dewatered manure can reach up to 60%.

3. Fruit and Vegetable Waste

The continuous screw press is suitable for processing materials such as grape pomace, potato skin residue, ginger, spinach, sugarcane, etc. Through dewatering, it removes excess moisture from the waste materials, reducing the weight and volume of waste materials, thereby making them more manageable for disposal or further processing. In order to improve the dewatering efficiency, it is recommended to employ a shredder to cut the materials into 3mm in size. Tianzhong Machinery offers a series of dewatering equipment with shredder for fruit and vegetable waste. The dewatered solid can be processed into fertilizer by composting or used as animal feed. While the liquid can be directly discharged into the sewer or used to produce biogas.

4. Extracting Juice from Fruit and Vegetables

The screw press machine is also widely used to extract pulp or juice from fruit and vegetable, such as grapes, berries, apples, pears, sea buckthorn fruits, pineapples, sugar cane, etc. Compared to traditional juicer, a screw press can more fully separate juice and solids. When making dried food, it can prolong the shelf life of dried fruit by squeezing out excess water from the fruit.

Fruit and Vegetable Waste Dewatering Equipment
Dewatering Equipment with Shredder
0.5 Ton Double Screw Press
Double Screw Press

5. Agricultural Residues

Agricultural residues such as corn stalks, straw, grass, leaves, and husks, can be processed using a screw press. It can reduce the moisture content of the agricultural residues for easier storage, and transportation and it will also reduce the energy consumption for further processing. Moreover, the dewatered solid is suitable for applications like animal bedding, animal feed, biomass pellets, etc.

6. Food Waste

Tianzhong Machinery also offers an integrated system for kitchen waste treatment. It contains a crusher, dewatering machine, fermentation cylinder, etc. Through this machine, the waste volume is reduced by up to 80%, thereby reducing transportation costs and energy consumption. Moreover, this process can efficiently convert organic waste into fertilizer.

7. Biogas Slurry

In biogas plants, the leftover digestate can be processed using a continuous screw press. Through dewatering, it can effectively remove excess water from the slurry, reducing its volume. The solid and liquid can be further processed separately. For example, the dewatered cake is rich in organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms, which can be used as fertilizer or further composted to produce organicfertilizer. While the liquid can be recycled as feedstock for the biogas production process to improve the biogas production.

8. Paper Pulp

Screw press can effectively remove a significant amount of water from paper pulp, which will reduce energy consumption during drying process. Besides, the dewatered pulp will also improve the quality and strength of the final paper product. Below are some videos for your reference.

9. Algae

Screw presses are instrumental in the dewatering of harvested algae biomass, such as seaweed, water hyacinth, concentrating solids for further processing into biofuels, supplements, or other valuable products.

10. Spent Grains

Spent grains from breweries and distilleries and fermented grape pomace, often contain a mixture of liquids and solids. Screw presses efficiently separate the liquid component, reducing waste volume and potentially recovering valuable liquid for reuse or byproduct production. We have served many clients for spent grains processing, such as client from Russia.

11. Plastic

Screw press in plastic waste processing is to remove moisture content from the plastic waste to save the energy cost in the further processing. By the way, it is better to cut the plastic into small pieces before dewatering to prevent clogging.


In conclusion, after dewatering, the separated solid and liquid can be processed individually, which will reduce secondary pollution to the environment. By removing the excess water, it reduce the volume and weight of the waste materials, which makes it easier to store, transport and handle. In addition, most solid cakes can be further processed into valuable products, which will bring economic benefits to investors.

When purchasing a screw press machine, you need to understand the materials that need to be processed. For example, for materials with high fiber content, such as ginger and sawdust, you need to choose a double screw press. When the fiber content is low, such as mulberries and apples, a single screw press is more recommended. At Tianzhong Machinery, we offer both twin and single screw press machines. Besides, we also developed a special design – variable diameter screw press to process sticky and slithery materials. Welcome to talk with us about your project, and our experienced team will propose you suitable solutions.