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Role of Dewatering Machine in Manure Management

Manure dewatering machine plays a vital role in managing animal waste. This equipment is capable of efficiently separating the solid and liquid components from animal waste, such as cow dung, pig manure, chicken/duck manure, as well as wastewater from wineries and slaughterhouses. Let’s explore the different uses of the dewatered manure.

Manure Dewater Machine in Germany
Manure Dewater Machine in Germany
Cow Manure Separator Machine to Spain
Shipping Dewatering Machine to Spain

Applications of Dewatered Manure

Dewatered cow dung contains a substantial amount of nitrogen, so it can be directly applied as fertilizer for plants. Besides, it also serves as excellent raw material for producing high-quality organic fertilizer after fermentation process. Additionally, it can be a valuable resource for cultivating mushrooms by being mixed with sawdust or for bedding materials.

On the other hand, the dewatered pig manure may contain an excess of heavy metals, so it can’t be used as fertilizer directly. But it can be processed into organic fertilizer through a fermentation process, thereby reducing environmental impact.

As for the solid components of chicken manure, they can be utilized as a nutritious feed for pigs and cows. Besides, they can be used directly as fertilizer or processed into organic fertilizer after fermentation, adding further value to the manure.

Below are video of our manure dewatering machine (screw press and sloped screen separators). You can also find more videos from our YouTube.

Turning Animal Manure into Fertilizer

The dewatered manure offers numerous advantages and applications, particularly in the production of organic fertilizer. Below let’s review the process of converting animal manure into organic fertilizer:

1. Manure Fermentation: The dewatered manure undergoes fermentation and decomposition. The high temperatures generated during this process effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and insect eggs, ensuring the safety of the final organic fertilizer.

2. Pulverization: After fermentation, the livestock manure is pulverized to achieve a uniform and granular texture, facilitating easier handling and application.

3. Mixing: Depending on specific requirements or formulations, appropriate additives are mixed with the organic fertilizer to enhance its overall quality and nutrient content.

4. Pelletization: Utilizing a specialized pelletizer machine, the mixed raw materials are shaped into uniform organic fertilizer pellets, allowing for convenient storage and precise application.

5. Drying and Cooling: The pellets are dried to evaporate excess moisture, promoting longer shelf life and preventing clumping. After cooling down, the organic fertilizer is ready for packaging and sale.

Role of Manure Dewatering Machine in Fertilizer Production

Manure dewatering is important in efficient processing of organic fertilizers production. Let’s explore the role of the manure dewatering machine in a fertilizer production line:

1. Solid-Liquid Separation: The primary function of the manure dewatering machine is to efficiently separate the solid and liquid fractions of the animal waste. By removing excess water from the manure, it becomes easier to handle and transport during the fertilizer production process. Moreover, dewatering significantly reduces the volume and weight of the manure, leading to lower transportation costs and less storage space.

2. Enhanced Fermentation: The dewatered manure contains a higher concentration of nutrients, particularly nitrogen. This nutrient-rich solid manure is ideal for composting and fermentation processes, allowing for the efficient breakdown of organic matter and the development of high-quality organic fertilizer.

3. Increased Fertilizer Quality: The dewatered manure serves as a superior raw material for organic fertilizer production. Its improved nutrient concentration and consistency contribute to the creation of nutrient-rich, uniform, and high-quality organic fertilizer products.


In conclusion, the manure dewatering machine plays a crucial role in manure management and turning waste into valuable products. Combining manure dewatering machine with organic fertilizer production process will improve the fertilizer quality and production efficiency. Tianzhong Machinery offers a wide range of manure dewatering equipment and custom solutions to to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Whether you need standalone machines or integrated systems with other equipment, we have you covered. Our expertise in the field ensures that you get a suitable solution and maximize the value of your manure resources.So please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more details and inquiries.