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Sourcing Guidance for Screw Press Dehydrator

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient screw press dehydrator? What factors do you need to consider before purchasing? Tianzhong Machinery, as a leading and experienced supplier of screw press separators, we’re here to guide you through every step to help you choose a suitable machine. Here’s a comprehensive sourcing guide for your reference.

1. Material Assessment:

Begin by assessing the characteristics of the materials you intend to process. You need to consider the factors such as water content, viscosity, and fiber content, which will matter the type of dewatering machine required. A simple test: if liquid seeps out between your fingers and residue remains when grasping the material, the material is suitable for our screw press. If you are not sure, please send us some pictures or videos of the material to process.

2. Video Demonstrations:

Request video demonstrations from potential suppliers showcasing the dewatering process for similar materials. These videos will offer valuable insights and references for your decision-making. Welcome to follow our YouTube for more videos.

3. On-Site Testing:

You can send a sample of the material for on-site testing. A minimum of 30-50 liters of the material is required for accurate testing and assessment. After testing, we will send you the related videos and pictures for your reference.

4. Material Selection:

At Tianzhong Machinery, our screw and screen are constructed from SS304 stainless steel. Alternatively, we offer the option of 316-grade stainless steel or other materials to meet specific requirements. In addition to the screw and screen, the standard machine structure is composed of carbon steel. However, we offer stainless steel construction as well. You can choose suitable materials according to the material to process and the operational conditions.

5. Customized Features:

Depending on your operational environment, you can choose explosion-proof motors and electrical systems. The enclosed protective casing is also available to ensure safety and compliance. By the way, the voltage can be customized according to your requirements.

6. Gearbox Options:

We also offer various gearbox options to choose from, including helical gear reducer, planetary reducer, etc. You can choose the suitable reducer based on your specific requirements. More than that, we generally employ motors from famous Chinese brands. You can choose motors from world famous brands, such as Siemens motors.

7. 3D Layout Design:

To optimize space utilization, Tianzhong Machinery will provide a 3D layout of the dewatering system that aligns with your space dimensions, serving as a reference.

8. Comprehensive Solution:

Tianzhong Machinery offers a one-stop solid-liquid separation solution, for example, juice production lines and vegetable/fruit waste management systems. In addition to high-quality dewatering equipment, we provide essential auxiliary equipment such as shredders, conveyor belts, and fruit and vegetable washing machines.

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Stainless Steel Screw Press
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Tianzhong Machinery aims to be a trusted partner for solid-liquid separation projects. From assessing material characteristics to delivering a tailored solution, we prioritize quality, efficiency, and safety. With years of experience, we have successfully helped more than 500 clients with their projects all over the world. We also keep upgrading our existing products and developing new products to better meet the needs of our clients. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Welcome to talk with us today about your projects.