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Tips for Maintaining Your Screw Press Separator

Screw press separator plays a pivotal role in solid-liquid separation due to its continuous operation and durability. This equipment is suitable for an array of materials, such as municipal waste, kitchen waste, agricultural waste, plastic, sludge, animal manure, etc. But some materials may affect the operation of the screw press separator. Below, we will explore the substances that can impact the screw press machine’s efficiency and outline crucial steps to maintain its optimal performance.

What Substances Will Affect the Operation of Screw Press Dehydrator?

1. Flexible debris, such as plastic strips and rags

Flexible debris such as plastic strips and rags will impact the operation of a screw press dehydrator. If their length exceeds the circumference of the screw shaft, they may entangle around the shaft, causing reduced feeding rates or blockages. To solve this issue, it is recommended to employ a shredder or crusher to cut the materials into small pieces before entering the screw press. The shredded materials will also improve the dewatering efficiency.

2. Hard and fragile debris, such as plates and glass shards

Generally, the screw pitch of the screw press dehydrator reduces gradually with the length of the screen, increasing pressure. For example, the conical shaft screw design aims to lower material layer thickness to enhance the pressure and increase dewatering efficiency. The hard and fragile debris is easy to cause clogging and wear to the screw. However, if this debris is small enough, it will have little influence on the screw press separator.

Various Materials Can be Dewatered
Materials can be Processed

3. Metal items and large bones

Metal and large bones are difficult to process with a screw press separator. The metal and big bones will increase the wear of screw and screen, leading to increased torque, noise, heating, and even motor overload during operation. The machine’s motor torque is insufficient, resulting in overload. Therefore, it is recommended to sort these debris before entering the screw press.

Dewatering Efficiency:

Dewatering efficiency depends not only on the machine’s design, such as single or double screw, but also on the material’s characteristics. Factors like particle size, viscosity, fermentation duration, moisture content, and material hardness all influence dewatering efficiency. As an experienced supplier of screw press machine, our team will offer you custom solutions according to the materials to process and your specific requirements. Welcome to talk with us about your projects.

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Screw Press Separator
Screw Press Separators for Sale
Screw Press Separators for Sale

How to Maintain Screw Press Dewatering Machine?

Below Tianzhong Machinery will outline essential maintenance steps to keep your machine for optimal performance.

1. Regular Cleaning:

Please clean the equipment before and after use, paying special attention to the screw and screen. Use clean water or mild cleansers to wipe down the surfaces, ensuring thorough removal of dirt and residues.

2. Inspect the Screw and Screen:

Regularly inspect the screen and screw. If you notice any wear or damage there, replace them promptly to avoid further disruptions to the machine’s operation. Additionally, ensure that the screen and screw are installed properly to prevent loosening.

3. Regular Lubrication:

Depending on usage frequency and service environment, lubricate the machine regularly to ensure its smooth operation.

4. Periodically Check Motor and Other Parts

Regularly inspect the motor system, including gears, bears, switches, cables, and plugs, to ensure their safety and reliability. Prevent moisture exposure or other external factors that could lead to safety hazards.

5. Pay Attention to Machine’s Performance:

Periodically evaluate your machine’s performance, such as dewatering efficiency and energy consumption. This allows you to promptly identify any anomalies. If you observe decreased performance or other issues, repair or adjust your equipment in time.


In conclusion, it is essential to maintain your screw press dewatering machine regularly. At Tianzhong Machinery, we have various models of dewatering equipment for sale. And all our machine is under a one-year warranty and we will offer the spare parts. As a reputable manufacturer with rich experience in screw press separators, we are ready to assist with your solid-liquid separation projects. Whether you’re dealing with agricultural waste, sludge or other materials, we will provide custom solutions to better meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or assistance.