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User Guide for Screw Press Manure Separator

The screw press manure dewatering machine from Tianzhong Machinery is designed to provide simple operation and easy maintenance. Except for the main body of the machine, it is equipped with pipelines, motors, a pump, a control cabinet, fittings, etc. Follow the steps below to properly use and maintain the machine:

1. Installation

Choose an appropriate location within your farm considering the actual site conditions. It is advisable to select a flat and well-drained area, which is easy to transport manure solids and drain liquid waste. If installing the machine outdoors, it’s better to construct a protective rain shelter. The first step is to connect the main motor and the pump motor to the control cabinet.

Manure Dewatering Machine and Fittings
Manure Dewatering Machine and Fittings
Manure Separator With Frame
Manure Separator With Frame

2. Connect Pipelines

Attach the feeding pipes to both the pump and the feeding port of the manure separator, and fasten them with clips properly. Subsequently, connect the overflow pipe to the outlet, ensuring the opposite end is inserted into the manure storage tank.

3. Cleaning

The TZ-200 and TZ-280 models of our manure dewatering machines are easy to clean by removing the stainless steel casing and flushing the screen and other components. Generally, it requires cleaning the machine every 15 days to ensure optimal dewatering efficiency and low moisture content of the dewatered cakes.

– Simple Cleaning: Stop the pump and keep the screw rotating to discharge all solids inside. Then remove the casing and use a high-pressure water gun or clean water to rinse the components.

– Deep Cleaning: Similar to the simple cleaning process, first stop the pump and keep the screw rotating to discharge all solids inside. Next, remove the discharge port bolts and take out the screen. Clean clogs from the screen using water and a brush. After cleaning, carefully install the screen back to its original position or it will influence the dewatering efficiency.

TZ-180 Manure Dewatering Machine to the Philippines
TZ-180 Manure Dewatering Machine
Screw Press Dewatering Machine
TZ-200/280 Manure Dewatering Machine

4. Control Cabinet

Our control cabinet is equipped to manage two motors, and the circuit design is equipped with automatic circuit protection devices. This system is able to cut off the power supply in time once a short circuit occurs. After troubleshooting, it can be easily restored to work normally.

5. Maintenance

Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in prolonging the service life of the dewatering equipment. You need to apply lubricating oil weekly to the machine’s moving parts. Furthermore, the reducer’s grease has been adequately filled when it leaves the factory. However, this grease should be replaced every 12 months. You can use a refueling gun or simple homemade refueling tool. By the way, if it is found that the oil mixture flows out from the inspection hole, it indicates that the “O” ring in the flange is damaged and needs to be replaced, otherwise the reducer will be damaged. You can follow our YouTube Channel for more videos.

Control System
Control Cabinet


In conclusion, the screw press machine offers an effective solution for manure management on your farms. By following these steps, you can ensure its optimal performance and extend its lifespan. Morover, Tianzhong Machinery offers videos and on-site installation services, as well as spare parts. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Tianzhong Machinery. Our team is ready to help.