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How Does a Screw Press Dewatering Machine Work?

A screw press dewatering machine is a device that employs a screw mechanism to separate liquids from solids. Its key components include screw, screen, and motor. The working process can be outlined as follows:

1. Feeding

The material to be dewatered is fed into the screw press machine. The feeding system can be designed according to the material characteristics and the desired automation level. For example, Tianzhong Machinery offers a trash can lifter and conveyor belt for the feeding system. You can choose on the basis of your needs.

2. Pressing

Inside the machine, there is a rotating screw, which is designed with a gradually decreasing pitch. As the screw rotates, it moves the material from the feeding hopper to the discharge end. During the process, the space gradually decreases while the pressure is increasing. The increasing pressure compresses the material against the screen, forcing the liquid to be separated from the solid particles.

Continuous Screw Press
Screw Press Design

3. Screen Separation & Dewatering:

As the materials move towards, the solid particles are retained in the screen, allowing the liquid (filtrate) to flow out and the liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet. The screen opening size can be designed according to the material to process. For example, the ideal opening size for chicken manure dewater machine is 0.5/0.75mm, while that of cow dung drying machine is 0.75/1mm.

4. Discharging:

As the screw rotates, solid particles are compacted, leading to a reduction in moisture content. Eventually, the solid particles are discharged at the end of the machine. The separated liquid and solid are collected individually for further treatment, recycling, or disposal.

You can find videos from our YouTube, where displaying various working video of our dewatering machines.

Feeding Hopper
Feeding Hopper
Discharge Outlet
Discharge Outlet


Tianzhong Machinery offers both single screw press and twin screw press dewatering machines. As the names imply, the single screw press uses a rotating screw within a cylindrical screen to compress and squeeze the material. While the twin screw press is designed with two screws rotating in opposite directions to separate solid from liquid. You can choose a single screw press or a twin screw press machine on the basis of the fiber content of the materials to process. Moreover, the screw design, such as the diameter, pitch, and other parameters, will be different according to material characteristics. You can talk with us to find a suitable solution for your projects.